Friday, August 27, 2010

I can read with my eyes shut!

I was just about to fuss at Weston when I found him reading a library book during nap time, but I quickly realized he was sleeping. We were going to go to the pool right after his nap, so I made sure to tell him not to play in his room and go straight to sleep. When I first saw this image, I was irritated because I thought he had been playing in his room for almost an hour instead of sleeping. Well, he was asleep, but he was holding a book upright as though he were reading and he stayed in this position his ENTIRE nap:) I'm not sure how he managed to this without getting a cramp in his hands, but he did!

Turkish Cuisine

For those of you who don't know, I used to lived in Turkey for two years. We moved to Turkey when I was 9 years old and we left when I was 11 . After leaving Turkey, we moved to Georgia. It has been 23 years (I feel so old writing this) since we moved and I don't think I have eaten Turkish food after leaving. When I saw a coupon for a Turkish restaurant in Weston's coupons he received for the summer reading program, we HAD to try it! It has been a long time! The restaurant was not a fancy place, but I can't remember ever eating anywhere fancy in Turkey, so it felt authentic. I doubt we will ever take the whole family to visit Turkey, so it is nice to know we have a place we can go if I want to relive a bit of my past:)

The thing that I have missed most after leaving Turkey is cay. Cay is a strong tea that I loved even as a kid. They always served it in a small glass with sugar cubes on the side.

Weston trying borek.

He wasn't impressed!

Service was a bit slow, so the kids were getting antsy.

eating donor kebab

Friday, August 20, 2010

12 months old and Build-A-Bear

On the morning of Wyatt's actual birthday, I found Wyatt in his crib talking to his favorite rabbit. So sweet! For some reason, I was expecting to find him in his crib all grown up, but he still looks like my baby boy!

He woke up in a great mood and gave me this squinty grin! I know it looks like he is growling, but always makes this face when he is being silly.

He wanted to look at a few books, but was annoyed because he couldn't get to the one he really wanted.
I dressed him in his birthday onesie after breakfast, and then he took his antibiotic. He thinks it is candy:)

At 12 months, Wyatt:

  • is finally sleeping through the night!
  • says the words: hello, bye, bath, ball, stop, yum yum, car
  • is cruising around furniture, but isn't walking yet
  • likes to push cars around and make noises
  • likes to play ball
  • tries sorting shapes with his shape sorter
  • follows his brother around everywhere!

After his morning nap, we met daddy at Build-A-Bear. On Weston's first birthday, I brought him there also. Wyatt knew exactly what he wanted-the baseball! He pointed to it and said, "ball."

putting stuffing in the ball
he was in love!

we also took him to the bookstore and let him play with the trains


Wyatt follows Weston around ALL of the time. Usually you can find Wyatt right by Weston's side almost any time of the day. It is so funny!

Weston has to keep all of his small pieces away from Wyatt, so Wyatt will stand beside Weston while he is playing at the kitchen table.
faithfully standing by Weston's side at a Lowe's workshop

waiting for Weston to finish his bath

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st Birthday Party

Last weekend, we celebrated Wyatt's first birthday! Here are some photos from the party:

I had to make Wyatt a dairy free birthday cake. Thank goodness someone invented nondairy butter or he wouldn't have had any frosting on his cake!

eating lunch

the grandparents

eating cake

He was careful not to make a mess.
I had to throw in a few photos of Weston on his first birthday. He made a huge mess and LOVED it!

opening presents