Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moving In!

I threw the bedding in the baby's crib to see what it is was going to look like. I guess Weston took that as an invitation. This morning he walked downstairs with his two blankets in one hand and two stuffed animals in other. He said, "I get in the bed." He threw his blanket and animals in the crib and climbed in himself.

By the afternoon, he had his pillow and and several toys stashed in the crib. I found baby brother's blanket on the floor! He said he was going to take a nap in the baby brother's crib.

Going Out With a Bang!

Last Day of Kindermusik

For almost 2 years, I have been taking Weston to kindermusik once a week. Wednesday was our final day and I have been experiencing mixed emotions. I was really sad, but relieved at the same time. The past month or two, Weston has lost interest in going and has told me that he doesn't want to go. We have stayed home a lot this semester. Some days I've dragged him there thinking that he would enjoy it once he got there. Most of the time he has let me know that he wasn't happy about being there. So, it has been stressful for me because he hasn't been a happy camper during the classes. I have loved kindermusik, but I guess it is time to move on to something else.

Here is our last day of kindermusik:

Nathan gets Weston dressed on kindermusik mornings. He then watches morning cartoons while I take a shower and get ready.

He always eats a snack on the way; it usually a cereal bar and milk. Wednesday, he told me he wanted to go to the mall instead. He said his teacher wasn't there because she went to work. Weston is already coming up with creative excuses for why he shouldn't do something.

Playing with rhythm sticks. He spent his time trying to build something.

Story time is the only thing he has consistently enjoyed.

During the dancing song, Weston wanted to practice his martial arts moves. Maybe the next activity we do should be karate.

Here are a few photos of when he first started kindermusik:

Baby Brother's Room

Last weekend we started getting baby brother's room ready. Weston helped us paint.

Here is his masterpiece!

He "helped" Nathan put the crib together by losing some screws.


Our nephew, Nolan, turned 9 last week. He told my sister that he wanted to have a boogiethon (if there is such a word) for his birthday party. He said he wanted 70s dance music playing at his party and he wanted everyone to dance. So that is what they did. Weston danced most of the evening.
Here are some photos of the party. Happy Birthday, Nolan! We had a great time!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loving Baseball

Our little boy has started showing interest in playing baseball lately. He loves to practice his swing. He is getting really good at hitting the ball. Last night we went to cousin Nolan's baseball game for a bit and he wanted to play in the worst way. He told me, "Open the gate! I play baseball." Then he tried to climb the fence when I told him he couldn't go on the baseball field. Luckily, we brought his bat and baseball and let him play with other kids outside the baseball field. He had the best time.

Nana is a better pitcher than me. I hit poor Weston in the head a couple of times. She spotted us outside and came over to give me a break.

He insists on wearing a hat every time he plays. Nana and Papa bought him a lovely Sponge Bob hat that he loves. He says, "I need my hat. Go get my baseball hat."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Making Egg Salad

Weston and I made egg salad with all the Easter eggs today. I was surprised at how much he enjoyed taking the shell off the egg. He sat beside me and helped the whole time. I think he really wanted to taste the boiled egg because he kept asking me if they were yummy. I told him he could taste it, but he said, "no, it's gross." He never did try it.
I think he enjoyed making egg salad more than he did coloring them.

mashing the eggs

The Not So Friendly Egg Hunt at Nana and Papa's

We had another egg hunt at Nana and Papa's after church.

The boys have to rough each other up every time they get together. Boys are not happy unless someone is getting hurt. It is usually a madhouse at Nana and Papa's.
Weston got a hold of the water hose somehow and started spraying everyone and all of Nana's windows.

Throwing a little fit!