Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tooth Troubles

A few weeks ago, Weston and Wyatt collided in Nana and Papa's living room. Weston hit his tooth on Wyatt's head and they were both in tears. Both of them appeared to be fine once they finished crying. Weston never complained about his tooth after the incident, and I forgot it even happened. Well, last week I noticed Weston tooth was gray. At first I thought it was a food stain, but after brushing his teeth I knew something was wrong. Nathan then reminded me of the time Weston hit his tooth on Wyatt's head. I knew then he had a damaged tooth. Ugh!!! I took him to the dentist last week and they took x-rays to make sure he didn't cause any damage to his permanent tooth. The dentist said that everything looked fine, but his tooth is going to be gray until it falls out. In the meantime, we just have to make sure he doesn't develop an abscess. So, unfortunately he is going to have to live with a discolored tooth for awhile.

I had to post this funny photo of Weston. It is the only thing that makes me laugh about this situation:)

The Return of Mermaid Boy

Last year we started the "Elf on a Shelf" tradition with Weston. This elf sits in our house and watches the boys every day until Christmas. Each night he goes to the North Pole to tell Santa Claus about their behavior, and he returns in the morning. Every morning the elf is in another place and they have to try to find him when they wake up. Weston named him Mermaid Boy last year because he thought he was a mermaid. The elves don't have any feet and their legs are sewn together, so he insisted on calling him Mermaid Boy. This year when he reappeared, Weston realized how silly his name sounded. He wanted to change his name, but I told him that we had already written his name in a book:)

Last year I didn't blog about the elf, so I pulled up an old photo that I thought was funny. Last year Weston broke a door on our cabinet because he kicked it. It was an accident but he was being careless. Luckily, Nathan was able to fix it! The elf left Weston a reminder note from Santa about taking care of things around our house:)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Christmas Tree!

Picking out a Christmas tree is probably one of my favorite days of the year! I enjoy buying a tree and decorating it more than I do opening presents on Christmas day! We usually buy our Christmas tree from Lowe's, rather than going to a tree farm. Lowe's sells the North Carolina trees and I love the way they smell! Weston is always thrilled when we purchase our tree and you can see it in our photos. He was having a difficult time containing all of his excitement so he just kept running around in circles. It is hard not to be excited about Christmas when you see your kid so ecstatic.



This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house. Nathan's family and my parents came to eat with us!!

Nathan and I were really excited about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. We must have watched the Food Network for an entire month trying to find good recipes for Thanksgiving :) We never did use any of the recipes we saw on the Food Network, but we had fun watching all of the Thanksgiving shows. We just stuck with a traditional menu because we don't have a lot of experience when it comes to Thanksgiving. Even if our dinner turned out to be a disaster, it would have been fine because everyone else brought delicious food!

Eating turkey lunch meat and sweet potato fries

Thanksgiving Feast at School

Weston had a Thanksgiving feast at school. I signed up to help with this party, so I was responsible for bringing some of the food and coming up with some of the activities during the party. Weston and I made turkey sandwiches that were shaped like turkeys for the class.

Weston's teacher, Mrs. Rich, is the lady in the middle of the photo.

The kids holding their turkeys they found during a turkey hunt game.

The party mom asked me to do a craft with the class. We made paper plate pilgrims. This is a photo of Weston's pilgrim.

Honey came to visit us!

Honey came to stay with us the second week of November. We always love it when she comes to visit:)

I realized after I put the photos on our computer that Weston had taken my camera and took a few shots of Honey and Papaw:)

Weston broke our toilet several months ago while he was examining the parts of our toilet. I am not sure why a 3 year old would be interested in toilet parts, but those are the things that get Weston's curiosity going. I was feeding Wyatt one day and I heard a LOUD crash in the bathroom. Weston had taken the lid off the back of the toilet to "see how that floating thing worked" and he dropped the lid on the toilet seat. He cracked the toilet in the process, but we never got around to replacing it. Anyway, Papaw brought us a new toilet and he replaced it for us. Yea! We have a new toilet!!! Thanks!

Weston helping Papaw

When Papaw took a bolt out of the toilet, the toilet just fell apart:)

Honey and Weston cracking pecans.

Eating lunch at PF Changs