Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Swimming Session Completed

Weston finished another session of swimming. His instructor promoted him to the next swimming level!! Unfortunately, I don't think I am going to sign him up for another session this summer. I think we will just practice in the swimming pool the rest of the season, and hope he doesn't forget how to swim by next summer. We are so proud of you, Weston!!!

Receiving his certificateI can say that Weston is truly proud of himself!! Look at that smile!!

This little guy deserves some credit for being so patient!!! He has sat through all of Weston's lessons with a good is not an easy thing to do when you are under two. He is such a sweet and supportive little brother:)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Reading Program

The boys finally finished reading their 30 books for the summer reading program at the library. We turned in their reading logs last week, and they received coupons and a book. Not bad for doing something they really enjoy!!! The boys have really enjoyed our trips to the library this summer!

The library hangs their name in the window when they are finished. Weston wanted to write his name by himself this year.
Weston choosing a free book.

still looking...

He just couldn't decide...the chapter book about scary stories looked great to him, but I told him it is for big kids.
You can see the back of Emma's head in this photo. They took a break from moving into their new house to meet us at the library that day. They turned in their reading logs that day also.

I selected a box of board books about colors for Wyatt. Weston finally agreed to take a Halloween book. I don't think he was really happy with it, but we couldn't stand there forever trying to pick a book.

Nosy Neighbors

Wyatt has an excellent view of Nana and Papa's house from his bedroom window. He often watches them from his crib when he wakes. Nothing goes on at their house, without him noticing. He tells me when Nana and Papa leave the house and he lets me know when strange vehicles are parked at their house. No kidding! He can not speak in complete sentences yet, but somehow he manages to get his point across to me! He will say things like, "Papa go...truck," "Nana go," "Papa tractor(lawnmower), or "Tammy car...Nolan, Brandon"
Anyway, Nana and Papa had storm damage to their house after the last big storm that came through Augusta. This has meant that they have a lot of different visitors at their house fixing all of the problems (cable company, telephone company, power compant, insurance company...etc). All of these visitors have aroused Wyatt's curiosity. Last week, Nana and Papa were getting a new roof put on their house, and Wyatt was very excited about the commotion going on at their house. I took some photos of our nosy boys!!!

Wyatt pointed to the workers on the roof and said, "MEN! MEN!"

Look who is climbing out of their crib!!

I wasn't quite ready for Wyatt to start climbing out of his crib this soon. Weston was a little over two years old before he started climbing out of his crib, so I was not expecting Wyatt to do this so early. I put Wyatt in his crib for a nap last week, and a few minutes later I hear tiny feet walking up the stairs. Oh boy!!! He must have climbed out of his crib at least 10 times before I gave up on getting him to fall asleep. I just didn't have the patience to keep putting him back in his bed. Later, he passed out in his highchair at dinnertime. I thought, "Nap time is going to be a lot of fun now!!!!" Luckily, he either forgot about climbing out (or he maybe he hurt himself), because he has only climbed out a few other times after this particular day. Maybe this won't become a problem....I'm crossing my fingers!!!

Happy 35th!

I turned 35 last week! Yep, I am officially halfway to 40!!!!

On my birthday, I took Weston to swimming in the morning. After swimming, Weston talked me into going to lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Weston thought we needed to have some fun, so he offered to play a game of Memory with me while Wyatt was napping:) He won! Please notice how he arranged the cards in a LONG line across the table. This made it even more difficult to remember where all the cards were.
That evening, the family went to dinner at Salsa's.

Nolan and Brandon make me the sweetest homemade cards.

For some reason , I couldn't get Nolan's card to flip around when I uploaded it:(

Making Progress in Swimming!

I'm really proud of Weston!!! Last week, he started swimming underwater a bit. He also comes up to take a breath and then goes back under again. I think he could be a good swimmer if he could build some strength. His arms and legs move really fast, but he doesn't seem to move much in the water. His teacher told me last week that he will probably get to move to the next level in swimming at the end of this class. We'll see how he does this week!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wyatt Trying to Draw a Smiley Face

Wyatt is always trying to draw a smiley face on paper!! He talks about drawing one ALL of the time, but never actual makes a complete face. He cracks me up when he pulls out a pencil and tries to draw one for me. He usually draws a circle and then says, "eyes...nose," as if he drew an entire face. He talks himself through the steps, but never draws eyes or a nose. One day he is actually going to draw a face, and I am sure he will be very proud of himself!!!

I took a video of him drawing, but he seemed more interested in goofing off when I pulled out the camera. He is definitely a little clown!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

The night before Father's Day, I gave Weston strict orders to wake me quietly in the morning so we could make daddy breakfast in bed. He is usually the first one to wake in the morning, so I told him to shake me quietly without waking Nathan. He agreed, and knew exactly what he was supposed to do in the morning. Well, the plan failed!! Wyatt woke before Weston, at 5:45, so I was up early...too early!!! I fed Wyatt breakfast and then started on Nathan's breakfast. I was thinking that Weston would be rising soon, so I waited for him so we could finish the breakfast together. That never happened!! He kept on sleeping, which is unusual for him. Finally, after waiting on him for awhile, I woke him up so he wouldn't be upset that I made breakfast without him. So, my little sleepyhead dragged himself to the kitchen and helped me finish our homemade blueberry muffins:) He even talked me into making a few chocolate chip muffins for himself.

I found a great recipe for blueberry muffins online...they were so good!!!

We did have a problem with the topping sliding off the muffins, but they tasted great!!!

Weston carrying breakfast to Nathan!!

A Father's Day photo. The guys are NEVER cooperative!!!

VBS at First Baptist Church

I probably oversheduled Weston for too many summer activities this year, but at least the activities have kept us out of the heat!!!! After finishing VBS at our church, Weston also attended Vacation Bible School at his school. He really enjoyed his school experience at First Baptist, so he was so excited to go back. However, his excitement changed when we arrived at the church the first day. I guess Weston assumed he would be returning to his old classroom with all of his old classmates. As soon as he realized he was going to be in a different classroom and that he didn't know any of the 25 students(as opposed to his small class of 12), he almost started to cry. He told me he was really scared, so I offered to stay with him for awhile until he became comfortable. I stayed with him, but he refused to play with any of the other kids. His eyes were watery, and he stayed right by my side. After 15 minutes of standing next to me, I told him he didn't have to stay because VBS was optional. He said he wanted to leave with me, so I told his teachers that we were going to leave. We told them goodbye and starting walking out of the classroom and he cried, "I really want to stay, but I'm scared!!! Mommy, will you stay with me?" The teachers were really nice and told me I was welcome to stay with him for awhile, so I stayed....the entire time!!!!!!! We walked back inside and sat down for story time. He didn't want to sit with the other students, so he sat next to me at a small table. After story time, we left for crafts. Weston was really excited about the next activity, but he still didn't want me to leave. So, I just decided stay for the remainder of they day. Luckily, I ran into an old coworker while she was trying to drop off her twins in Weston's class. They were also having a hard time parting with their mommy, so she stayed with them the entire day as well!!! It actually turned out to be a fun day, because I got to visit with her while our kids were participating in VBS. I was also excited because I was able to take photos of him during the first day!!! He ended up having a great time, and he never had a problem going to school the rest of the week. He love it!

Look at that terrified face!!!!

still pouting

Wyatt had no problem joining in on the fun. He is in the corner playing in the kitchen area.

Lining up for crafts.

They decorated an apron on the first day.

This is when Weston started warming up...he had no problem telling the teachers he needed certain items to decorate his apron.


This is a photo of my old coworker and her twins. She recently had a baby girl, so I got to see her new baby.

snack time

music time

By the end of the day, he didn't seem to mind if I was there or not.

At the end of the week, the parents and grandparents were invited to a program. Nana came too, even though her car had been trapped in their garage because of a fallen tree. Luckily, my dad, and a neighbor, were able to move some of the branches so she could leave the house! I didn't get a photo of her, but she was there!!

I was surprised to see Weston dancing when I walked in the activity center.

Daddy and Wyatt came too.

I took a quick video of Weston dancing. This is a rare sight!!!!

When we picked him up from the room, he was playing Simon Says.

group photo