Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Look Who's Two!

On Wyatt's actual birthday, I couldn't decided what to do!  I wanted to make it special, but he isn't capable of telling me what he enjoys doing the most.  Weston said he wanted to go to McDonald's, but I know that Wyatt isn't able to play on all of the equipment yet.  I ended up taking to him to mall because it has a little bit of everything-food, trains, books, a playground, toys, rides, and Starbucks!! Yes, Wyatt loves Frappuccinos made with soy milk!! Thank you, Starbucks for offering other options for people with dairy allergies!!! I figured that he would enjoy at least ONE activity at the mall on his birthday!! I was glad I chose the mall, because we had a great time!! We started at the bookstore so we could look at books and play with the trains.  Then, we ate at chick-fil-a in the mall for lunch.  After lunch, we went to the playground and then Build-A-Bear!  I let both boys make a bear, which they loved!

Lunch!  Please notice the farmer hat on the table.  Wyatt has wanted to wear that hat every day!

Wyatt was given a birthday sticker.  Weston wasn't happy that he didn't get one!

putting hearts in their bears

I took a few videos of the boys making their bears.  I cracked up when the lady asked Weston what his name was and he said, "Uhh...Loveheart!" He thought she asked him what his bear's name was, and he totally made up the name "Loveheart" on the spot!!

That afternoon, we picked up Nolan and Brandon from school!

I saved him a piece of his birthday cake from his party.

opening a couple of presents

watching tv and snuggling with their birthday bears...what a great birthday!

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday Party

Wyatt loves tractors, and he loves trains.  I asked Wyatt if he wanted a tractor or train birthday party and he responded, "Tractor to you (happy birthday to you) party!" So, we went with a tractor/farm theme this year!  Wyatt still has food allergies, so ordering a cake isn't an option for us. Weston and I made and decorated his cake together. I'm not very patient when it comes to decorating, because I cant justify putting so much effort into something that someone is going to eat in five minutes.  Let's just say that Weston and I had a lot of fun decorating this cake, but we were not concerned about it being perfect!!!

We decorated the house while Wyatt was napping.  When he woke, he found our kitchen decorated!  He cried for the tractor on his cake, and I just let him have it. I figured he might as well be happy during his party!

We bought him a farmer hat for the party...btw, Wyatt had a huge scratch on his from falling.  Everyone thought it was chocolate frosting on his nose!!

eating his birthday dinner

Wyatt loved when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him! 

blowing out his candles

He really like his cake this year. 

opening presents!

playing with his new presents!

We played pin the chick on the farm.  The eye mask never works, so we just tied a kitchen towel around everyone's head!

It's the birthday boy's turn!!

Nana, you are not even close!!!
more games

Wyatt really enjoyed his birthday party this year!