Friday, September 24, 2010

Cereal Snatcher

I found Wyatt in the kitchen the other day eating Weston's cereal. Wyatt had already eaten his breakfast, but I guess he wanted seconds. He pulled it off of the table and ate the entire bowl while Weston was playing in the other room. It is a good thing Weston doesn't like milk in his cereal!

Rejection at the School Family Picnic

On Thursday, Weston's class (along with another 3k class) had a family picnic at school. We were all very excited to go to his school and meet all of his other classmates. He loves school and talks about his friends all of the time. So, this was a great opportunity to put all of the names with faces. It was going to be wonderful!
On the day of the picnic, the parents and other family members were instructed to meet the class at a playground in the back of the school. When we arrived, the kids were not there yet, so we had a chance to spread out our blankets and and get comfortable. When the class finally arrived, we could hear Weston shouting, "Nana and Papa....look at my friends!!!!" When he came inside the playground gate, he walked past us and quickly said he was going to eat with his friends!! The rascal snubbed us!!! I followed after him to tell him he was supposed to eat with us, and he RAN AWAY FROM ME!!!! He ran to his teacher and asked her if he could just sit with his friends. Yes, while every other child was happy and excited to see their family, ours was disappointed he couldn't eat with his friends. He finally sat down with us and ate his lunch, but he wasn't happy about it. We had all been looking forward to this picnic, so I was a bit surprised at how Weston reacted. Ok, maybe I'm not is not completely out of character for Weston to go against the grain!! I guess I'm just disappointed he didn't greet us with excitement, hugs, and kisses. Oh well! Even after being snubbed, we were all still thankful for the opportunity to spend time with him at school. We love him dearly...bad attitude and all! We'll give it another try at the Thanksgiving party:)

Look at can see he really wants to mingle!

still checking out all of his friends

After we ate, the children played on the playground. They never use this playground, so they were all excited it had swings.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

After a night of camping...

these two boys were really tired! They passed out on Nana and Papa's couch that afternoon:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weston's 4th Birthday!

The morning of Weston's birthday, we took Weston to breakfast at Atlanta Bread Company. He ate a chocolate chip muffin top! We then went to Party City to pick up balloons for Weston's party. Weston enjoyed looking at all of the Halloween costumes while we waiting for our balloons.

We chose a camping theme for his birthday party this year because he has had such a great time camping in the backyard.

I made a chocolate cake with mocha frosting because he LOVES chocolate. I found this cake topper online and was planning on ordering it, but it turned out that someone at Nathan's work had one and let us have it! Thanks!

I found both of the boys a camping T-shirt:)

Nana helping Weston put together a glow-in-the-dark necklace.
singing happy birthday

Weston tore open his presents in record speed!

He finally got the fire rescue boat that he has been wanting!
Nolan and Brandon made birthday cards for Weston. They were VERY SWEET!

Nathan made targets for the boys to shoot with their BB guns.

trying out his BB gun

roasting marshmallows
The next day, the boys were eager to put together the Lego sets. They started with the rescue boat and had it put together in a couple of hours. Weston also received an Airplane Lego set from Uncle Steven, so he was a happy boy this birthday!

Loving the Phone!

Wyatt LOVES to talk on the phone which is the complete opposite of Weston!! He whines for the phone ALL DAY LONG and it can drive me crazy sometimes. I think it is cute that he likes to talk, but he wants a phone at all times. I usually let him carry around a phone during the day and it can be hard to get it back without a fit from him. Also, if the phone rings, he immediately starts whining so I will let him talk to the person on the line. If you ever call me, you can usually hear Wyatt in the background crying:) He just can't get enough talk time during the day. I decided to record him talking to Papaw on the phone the other day. You can see in the video that Wyatt was not going to let Nathan take the phone from him without putting up a good fight. I think he gets this from his Aunt Tammy!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

On labor day weekend, my parents, my sister's family, and our family headed for Charleston again! We had a fantastic weekend, but it started out a little rocky. Weston woke up at 3:00 am with a stomach virus, so we didn't get any sleep that night. Nathan and I were up washing sheets and scrubbing the carpet, so we were a bit tired. Weston didn't want his virus to ruin his vacation plans. We left the house around 10:30, and by lunchtime you would never know that Weston had been sick. He running around like his usual self when we stopped for a picnic!

Packed and ready to go...Weston is looking a bit pale from the virus.

We stopped halfway to Charleston for a picnic. My mom was nice because she packed food for the entire family!! Thanks for the nice lunch, Mom!
Someone was excited about lunch!

I saw Weston holding bologna over his eyes and I asked him why he was doing that. He told me that he was trying to feed the gnats that were flying around his eyes!!!! I'm not surprised Weston would come up with a CRAZY idea like that!

We went to Ft. Sumpter while we were in Charleston this time. This is a photo of us taking a boat ride to Ft. Sumter. This was Weston and Wyatt's first time on a boat!

arriving at Ft. Sumter...

We walked on the Arthur Ravenel bridge again...

and the pier...

There is also a playground underneath the Arthur Ravenel Bridge that Weston loved!

A photo of the pool and gazebo that we used at our hotel.
Weston running around in his pjs at breakfast time!