Saturday, October 30, 2010


We won three free haircuts from SportClips when we went to Octoberfest a few weeks ago. Nathan and I took the boys to get their hair cut last week. Both of the boys did great and I think they enjoyed the experience. I expected Wyatt to cry, but he was perfectly happy.

Wyatt's first haircut!!!

all done!

Big Day!

Last Saturday was a big day for Nathan and Weston! Nathan ran in his first half marathon!!! We were really of proud of him for finishing the race, especially when he woke up with a cold that morning. He wasn't feeling well, but he ran anyway!!

The morning of the race, Weston managed to tie his shoes all by himself. He had been practicing for about a week, and he finally got the hang of it! This is Weston tying his shoes before we left the house. We missed seeing daddy cross the finish line by 3 minutes and I believe this is what made us late!! He was so determined he was going to tie his laces all by himself.

He did it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Spaghetti night is always a BIG hit at our house!!!!

I think it is time for a...

bigger sandbox!


Last weekend, we went to the Octoberfest at Ft. Gordon. Here are our photos at the fair:

Weston's favorite attraction was the fun house.

shooting hoops

Wyatt trying to climb in the duck pool

Weston looking at the bottom of his duck to see which prize he won.

Wyatt's turn.
They both picked a plastic sword.
sword fight!

face painting

Nathan testing out his ax throwing skills.

nice throw!


We won THREE free haircuts from Sport Clips just by spinning the wheel!!!!!

Weston getting a face tattoo!

Nana won a free massage!

Wyatt talking to Mr. Sporty

Nathan and Weston going down the slide!