Thursday, October 4, 2012


I am so behind on this blog! I haven't forgotten about it; I just can't find the time to sit down and write. I keep thinking I can blog TOMORROW, but it never happens!  I'm not sure if it will EVER happen!   I tried to sneak away from Wyatt for a few minutes this morning, hoping that I could write ONE post, but he is already standing next to me! While I was blogging, he had an accident because he couldn't make it to the bathroom in time.  So, now I have a little boy and bathroom to clean. UGH!  I guess this makes me one more blog post behind.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bowling and Haircuts

Two excited boys!
 We had free bowling passes in our summer reading program coupons, so I took the boys bowling this morning. Weston has been asking to go since we got our passes, but we hadn't gotten around to doing it.  Wyatt has never been bowling, so it was brand new to him.   I think he really enjoyed it! Weston enjoyed it too, but I think he was really wanting to go the bowling alley because they have video games.  I told him if were going to the bowling alley, we were going to bowl...NOT play video games. As soon as we walked in the door, guess what he asked to do?  PLAY VIDEOS! I told him that we there to BOWL, so he pouted with me during the beginning of the game. Other than that, they had a great time!

The boys tried out this metal thing( I have no idea what it is called but it looks like a walker) because the girl next to us was using one.  They were curious about it, but I think they preferred using their arm.

Weston checking out the video games, but not able to play!

After bowling, I took the boys to get their hair cut. 

Photos of the Week-Wyatt's Spiny Hair

 Yesterday, Wyatt caught a glimpse of his messy hair in the mirror.  He said, "Mommy, my hair is too spiny!"  
I thought he meant to say "spiky," but he kept describing it as being "spiny." 

 Later, I found him standing in front of the mirror trying to tame his hair. I think this is the first time I have ever seen him try to comb his hair in the mirror. I guess he doesn't like the messy look.

He said, " I need to look like Wyatt."

After thinking about it, I thought I remembered one of his books referring to dinosaurs as being spiny.   I started looking though his books, and I finally found it in this book! Yep, he meant to say spiny!

Directions to Pirate McDonald's (according to Wyatt)

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Bed For Wyatt

This weekend, we moved Wyatt out of his crib and into a bed. I can't believe our crib days are finally over!!!  Although Wyatt stayed in a crib much longer than Weston, I was not ready for him to move to a bed. There is just something sweet about having a nursery.  Why can't he just stay little forever?!!  I would have been content to let him stay in his crib a little longer, but his crib mattress(it was passed down from Weston) was starting fall apart.  So, knowing that we couldn't put it off any longer, we changed his nursery into a little boy room.
It is no surprise that Wyatt asked for a pirate room. He is NUTS about pirates. I would have loved to go all out with the pirate theme, but you never know how long this phase will last. Weston was obsessed with construction vehicles, but he quickly outgrew it. He is still sleeping under a construction vehicle quilt, but it doesn't fit his personality at all.  So, I decided to buy a plaid quilt for Wyatt, and then look for pirate sheets and pirate art. We finally got most of his room put together this weekend, but I would still like to add a few more finishing touches to his room. He could use a nightstand next to his bed, and more art for his walls. I'm still looking, but hope to get it finished soon.
Anyway, Wyatt was pretty excited about his new room! He didn't seem to be too concerned about the big change.  The only thing he seemed to be upset about was that we got rid of his changing table and glider. We sold it to someone, but he thought we were "sharing" it with them.  When he realized they were not going to return the items, he was slightly irritated.  He said, "I don't want them to change their baby on my changing table.  I need my changing table back. " So, he was upset about the table, but wasn't disappointed about taking apart his crib.  He was happy to sleep in a bigger bed with pirate sheets. 
The first night Wyatt slept in his bed, he wet his clothes. I was very grateful that I purchased a waterproof pad to put on top of his sheets. At least I didn't have to change sheets in the middle of the night. However, I did have to changed his clothes. He was upset because his sleep was interrupted,  so he wanted Nathan to get in bed with him. Usually, he asks for me during the night, but I wasn't going to argue with it.  Nathan quickly fell asleep in Wyatt's bed, so Wyatt decided he wanted to get in bed with me after he saw Nathan was out. :) So, Nathan ended up getting a great night's sleep in Wyatt's brand new bed.  The second night,  he rolled out his bed in the middle of the night, and wanted me to sleep with him.  He fell back asleep quickly, so I was able to get back in my own bed soon after.   I am hoping that tonight will be incident free!!! Hopefully Wyatt will be used to his new bed by the weekend.
his new bed

pirate sheets
Wyatt likes to go to bed dressed as a pirate.
a pirate ship painting for his room

and a pirate map

Doesn't he look so little sleeping in his bed?!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NDB 5k/10K-Nathan's big win!!!

I was very  excited about the NDB 5K/10k race because I finally had a little over 3 months of running experience! I thought this was going to be the best race yet!!! Running should be easier by now, right?!! WRONG!! My time was only a few seconds faster than my first race three months ago!! Although, I was disappointed with my time,  Nathan made up for it because he took FIRST!  In the past races, Nathan has stayed with me during the run to keep me company.   During this race, Nathan had planned to stay with me also, although I told him he didn't have to.  When we started the race, Nathan and I took off at a fast pace, which I was incapable of keeping the entire time.  I was running much faster than my body can handle, but we were doing great.  Nathan looked behind us and said, "Angie, I think we have a good chance of winning!! There aren't many people running in the 5k. They are all running in the 10K."

I QUICKLY said, " I can't run at this pace for long, so you go ahead!!! I'll run by myself!"

So, Nathan took off, and that was the last I saw of him until I crossed the finish line.

The rest of the race I struggled.  It was HOT, and most of it was going up hill. I had been up all night because Wyatt was sick, so I was running on little sleep. Yes, I had I FUN, but it was probably my most difficult race. I ended up finishing the race at 34:54, although the timers said 33:54 when I crossed the finish line. They said they had a glitch in the timers, so they added a minute to each of our times! Nothing is more disappointing than hearing someone tell you to ADD a minute to your time when you feel like you are on the verge of having a heat stroke!!! LOL!!!Nathan finished in 24:44, but he had to take the time of 25:44 because of the glitch.  Go, NATHAN!!! I'm SO proud of you!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the tot trot race!!! While we were running, Nolan, Brandon,and Weston ran in the tot trot.  Nolan came in first, and Weston took second place.  Each of  them won a gift certificate to Chili's!

Our Dad and Nolan decided not to run this time, so it was the three of us!

Nathan receiving his prize for first place!!

Wyatt's First Artwork

 We've stayed in the house a because of the heat, so we have been finding indoor activities to keep us busy.  The boys and I were sitting at the table with paper, scissors, and crayons, one afternoon when Wyatt drew his first person.  It is not surprising that it is a pirate and "x marks the spot."  I didn't even know he knew how to draw a person! I looked over at him and there was a pirate on his paper! Later, I found a treasure map on our kitchen floor....created by Wyatt!!! Yep, the boy drew a map on our floor with a red crayon.  It was hard to stay mad at him because I thought it was so cute.  However, I made sure to tell him he should write on paper,  not the floor!
Wyatt's Treasure Map
The location of the buried treasure.

The path you need to take to get to the treasure!
an island!

Summer Reading Program

 After reading over 35 books, Weston and Wyatt completed their summer reading program.  As usual, they received great coupons, a book, and a  toothbrush!

Writing their name so they can hang it on the window.

Choosing their free book.

Wyatt chose a book about rain forests because it had a parrot on the cover.  He was disappointed to find out it wasn't about pirates when we read it!

Weston chose a mummy mystery book:)