Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photos of the Week

Wyatt going crossed-eyed as he tries to catch a glimpse of the skull.

For the past year or so, I have been thinking about posting a "photo of the week."  I am always taking photos of the boys, and I usually have a photo that is really funny or really sweet.  It is not always worth writing about (nor do I have the time), but it is worth sharing. For example, I was taking photos of the boys splashing around in puddles on a rainy day, and I happened to take these photos of Wyatt going crossed-eyed!! Nathan and I were laughing so hard at him! There is really no point in posting these photos, other than they are funny. So, I thought about just posting my favorite photo that I take during the week... when I have time.  Knowing me,  it will probably be more like "photo of the month." I'm lucky if I can sit down at the computer at all! So, here are my favorite photos of the week!

Valentine's Day and 100th Day

 On Valentine's Day, I went to the school to help Weston's class make their 100th day snack.  I felt bad for his teachers because the 100th day of school fell on Valentine's Day!! What a busy day for them!!! After helping with the snacks, I ate lunch with Weston in the cafeteria. Wyatt stayed at Nana and Papa's house while I enjoyed lunch with my little redhead.
100th day snack!

 100 day hat!

For Valentine's Day, we gave Wyatt some bubbles and these pirate pajamas!!!! He wants to wear them every night!
We gave Weston a box of Legos, which he put together with Papa.

I was feeling a little crafty this year, so I made Weston some scratch off lottery tickets. He really enjoyed these, so maybe I will make these again on our next special occasion.
scratching off his ticket to reveal his prize

   In the video, I was trying to show a clip of him reading, but I only managed to get the end of it.  He has finally taken interest in learning how to read, and he is doing really well.

 This is a video of his reaction to his prize . He was happy with his choice until he discovered later that he COULD have won a small box of Legos! LoL!  I was glad he picked it, because we hardly ever go out for ice cream because of Wyatt. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day!

For homework, Weston had to decorate a Valentine card box that was to be used to store all of the cards he would receive. I knew Weston would not want to make anything TOO CUTE, so I came up with the idea to make a Valentine monster box. He was really excited about making this box!!

This is our finished product! The students had to put their cards in the monster's mouth.  Weston said he couldn't wait to scare everyone!
At Lowe's, the boys made a Valentine Card Maker.  Weston later used it to sign all of his Valentine cards he made for school.

Using his box to sign his cards!

He had a lot of cards to sign!!!
Counting out lollipops for his class!

Our finished Valentine Card!
Because Pre-K started school late, Weston's 100th day fell on Valentine's Day!!! So, we had to count out 100 items for his 100 day collection.  Weston brought 100 Legos to school!
This is a photo of Weston making 10 groups of 10 Legos.
100 Legos

Field Trip to the Wildlife Show

Last week, I went on another field trip with Weston! This time we went to the Wildlife Wonders Show at the Columbia County Library. A traveling zoo from north Georgia brought several animals to the library, and talked a little bit about each animal. After the show, we ate lunch, and then played on the playground. Here are a few photos of the field trip:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No More Monkies

Wyatt LOVES to sing!  He carries his guitar around the house and tries to sing to us.  Weston never cared much for singing or dancing, so this is all new to our house.  I recorded Wyatt singing to Weston at breakfast time one morning.  The quality is not very good because I used my phone, but I had to post it anyway. Wyatt quickly scolds Weston at the beginning of the video because he is not playing the drums for him! 

Wyatt Loves Marshmallows!

Wyatt loves marshmallows!  I found strawberry heart shaped marshmallows at Target the other day, so I had to buy them for him! I recorded his reaction to the marshmallows because I just LOVE the way he says "marshmallow."  I took this video right after I told him I had a surprise, and showed him the bag of the marshmallows.  After he gobbles down the marshmallows, he tells me that he wants another surprise!