Saturday, February 28, 2009

A visit from family

Last weekend Papaw, Honey, Uncle Brian, and Stacy came to visit us.

Papaw gave Weston and Bella a ride in the wagon.

Papaw pulled him around the neighborhood. On the way home, Weston decided he wanted to pull Papaw for awhile!

The next day Weston managed to bring home a kite from Nana and Papa's after taking a walk with Papaw. The guys spent the rest of the afternoon flying kites.

Stacy and Weston

Weston fell in love with Bella.

Valentine's Day

I'm a little behind on my posting. I am just now getting around to posting photos from Valentine's Day.
On Valentine's Day morning, we made banana berry pancakes and opened presents. Weston discovered that he LOVES Valentine's Day because it involves chocolate. All day he pleaded, "Just one more Valentine chocolate!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kindermusik Valentine Party

Today was Weston's first Valentine's Day party. At kindermusik, we were allowed to exchange Valentine cards this year. Weston and I were thrilled that we had a party. After teaching kindergarten for 7 years, I really miss being able to celebrate the holidays with my students. For some reason I always looked forward to Valentine's Day because the students look so proud passing out their cards and goodies. This year I got to watch Weston pass out his Valentine's and it was really sweet. Weston brought Sponge Bob lollipop valentines and a box of chocolates for his teacher. There were two children that had birthdays this week, so we were also celebrating their birthday. We had a great day!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Boy Room

The past week we have been transforming Weston's room into a "big boy room". For those of you who don't know, we are expecting another baby in August. This means we have to start cleaning out our guest room to make room for a nursery. To get the process started, we took the mattress and bed frame from our guest room and moved it into Weston's bedroom. At first I was really excited about changing out his room. When Nathan started taking down his crib, I lost some of my excitement. I knew that once we made the change, we would never be able to change it back. It hurt a bit to make the change, but I am happy with the finish product. I really like that I have more room to read him a bedtime story. It was getting a little cramped in his toddler bed.

Here are some photos of the transformation:


Last weekend we painted.

This weekend, we took apart his toddler bed and turned it into a full size headboard.

I found a truck/car sheet set.
Weston LOVES construction vehicles! He knows the difference between dump trucks, cement mixers, bulldozers, cranes, and loaders. He gets really excited when we pass by a construction sites. I found this quilt online and it had all of the construction vehicles and tools.

Weston checking out his new room. He was more excited about jumping on the bed than anything.

It was a tight squeeze fitting his new bed in his room. We had to move things around several times. Nana and Nolan came over to check out his room and help move things.

Asleep for the first time in his big bed. Before he went to bed he told me that he didn't want to "snuggle the dump truck bed...I sleep in the little bed." He slept really well in his big bed even though he wanted to get in his little bed.

I love this photo. He is in his big boy bed, but still sleeps with his baby blanket. Even though he is growing up, he will always be my baby.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whitey Thighty Underwear

Weston went pee pee on the potty most of last week if I left his diaper off. He would run upstairs all by himself and use the potty without telling me. As soon as I put his diaper on him, he would completely forget about using the potty. By Thursday, I decided he wasn't really learning the entire concept of potty training by running around the house half naked. So I made him wear a diaper or pull up all day. He never mentioned going to the bathroom again and I never asked him if he wanted to try. I can't make him tell me when he has to go; only he can control his bodily functions. On Sunday he decided he wanted to use the potty again. Out of the blue he came to me and said he wanted to use the potty. He hasn't wet his diaper since. Every time he has to go, he tell us. Yesterday I think he must have used the potty over 20 times! He even loves to clean the tray by himself. I must say that he is really proud of himself and so are we. Yesterday he said, "I so excited!"

Today he went to Nana and Papa's and he told them when he needed to use the potty. So Nana went to the Dollar Store to buy Weston his first pair of underwear. He has been wearing them most of the day. Here are a few photos of his first pair of Fruit of the Loom whitey tighties.

By the way, going #2 is another story! He was traumatized by his first experience and doesn't want anything to with it. We are still working on that one.