Tuesday, January 27, 2009

While Mommy is on the computer...

Weston is cleaning up bugs! Picture this:

I am on the computer trying to load photos and check on my homework assignments. I faintly hear Weston tell me, "clean up the cockroach mama!" I am distracted and tell him "ok." I turn around a few minutes later to find Weston trying to pick up a bug. He went into the bathroom and pulled almost the entire roll of toilet paper across the den and was trying to pick up a small fly! You know I laughed so hard that tears were running down my face! I guess that is what I deserve for not paying attention to him! He took matters into his own hands...

Happy Meal and Fun Times

We met Emma and her mommy at McDonald's today. Emma's mommy is expecting a new baby in a couple of weeks, so we decided to get together before the new baby comes. They usually get to see each other once a week at Kindermusik, but Emma is not in the class this semester. Weston was a little tired today because he woke up at 5:45am. At first he didn't want to play on the playground; he wanted to watch the huge flat screen TV that was playing Little Einstein. Isn't that just like a man! Emma was patiently waiting for him to play with her, so I finally turned off the television. He then started playing and didn't want to leave. Emma, we are sorry Weston wasn't his usual playful self. I know he had a great time even though he was on the lazy side. I had a nice time too! It it is not very often I get to talk to an adult at lunch!

Sunday Bowling

We have went bowling a couple of times this month on Sunday and we have really enjoyed. They make little bowling shoes and 3 lb bowling balls so Weston can play too.

Weston is fascinated by machines. He would be happy just watching the bowling balls pop out.

Sharing Chocolate!


I think the bowling shoes look SO cute on him!

Weston is usually ready to go during the second game. We know he has had enough after he starts crawling under the bowling balls.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Potty Training Breakthrough

On Wednesday, we had a lot of excitement! I was reading Weston Curious George and the Firefighters before going to bed when he interrupted me with, "I go pee pee on the potty." I thought he was just trying to stay up a little longer, but I took him to the bathroom anyway. He has never used the potty before, so I didn't think he would actually use it. We took his diaper and PJ bottoms off and he sat down on his potty. He strained a bit and then stood up and leaned over the potty. He said, "It's stuck!" We praised him for trying and were thrilled that he was interested in using the toilet. Nathan ran downstairs and got some Cheerios and threw them in the toilet hoping that it would help. He tried again in a sitting position and standing position on both big and small potty. On his little potty he stood up, turned around, and leaned over his potty and pointed. He found a needle head sized speck of dust in his little potty and gasped, "I find a poo poo!" Nathan and I laughed so hard. We decided he just wasn't ready yet and I started brushing my teeth. All of a sudden Weston ran in the bathroom again and just started peeing on his potty standing up! I screamed so Nathan could see him. My scream scared Weston and he quit. I calmed him down and then he decided to finish going on the Cheerios in the big potty. He was so proud and so were we! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Weston never mentioned using the bathroom again and we didn't push it either. Today Nathan noticed him finding a private corner in the house and he asked him if he wanted to go on the potty. At first he said "No, thank you!" We convinced him to try so he reluctantly sat on the toilet. He told me to go away and shut the door. We did as he asked. Nathan and I waited outside until he was finished. Today he went poo poo on the potty for the first time! I am sure we have a lot of work to do, but it is a start! We had a special present waiting for him to open as soon as he finished. He was thrilled about the gift, so we are hoping this will encourage him to try again.

After he finished, he took one look in the toilet and freaked out. He did not like looking at his finished product in the least bit! Look at his disgusted face.

Snow and Hot Chocolate.

On Monday it snowed! None of it stuck to the ground, but it snowed for almost 4 hours. I took Weston outside to see the snow and he just laughed really hard. I decided to make him some hot chocolate (it was actually Ovaltine) thinking that he would really love it. He has never had chocolate milk unless Papa has slipped some to him. Well, he took one sip and didn't touch it again.

It was barely snowing when I took this photo. You can see a few snowflakes on his hat. Unfortunately, he slept though all of the heavy snowfall.

He still loves to dress like a firefighter.

Made it through an entire haircut!

Weston's hair had gotten really long over the holidays and was almost hanging in his eyes. We have just been really busy and haven't taken the time to cut it. Last weekend I made a promise to myself that I would cut no matter what. Of course, it was freezing outside! I usually cut it outside because it makes such a mess. Nathan put down an old sheet on the kitchen floor and gave him a handful of M&Ms. He made it through the entire haircut without asking to get down. We were so proud of him because I usually have to cut half of it in the chair and the other half after he gets out of the bath. Nathan took him to the Dollar Store to pick out a surprise toy because he did so well.

handing Nathan a clump of hair that landed in his M&Ms

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Driving Range

On Sunday, we all went to the driving range to practice our golf swing.

I think he did pretty well for a two year old!

Lunch with Dana

Dana and I have been best friends since 8th grade. I can't believe we have know each other for almost 20 years. There was a time when we spent almost every day together. I don't get to see her very often now we are both married and have kids. On Friday, Dana didn't have to work so we met for lunch. We ate at Mellow Mushroom, but decided we really wanted something sweet too. We put Weston in his stroller and walked to Boll Weevil to buy a dessert. We ordered our dessert to go and ate it by the water fountain on the Riverwalk. I think Weston had just as much fun as I did. I think he enjoys seeing other people besides his mama for a change!

Dana gave Weston all of her change so he could throw it in the fountain.