Friday, October 28, 2011

Future Career in Medicine?

 This week was Red Ribbon Week at school.  Today the students were able to dress up in their future career clothes, and Weston chose to be a doctor.  Over the last few years, Weston has said he wants to be a doctor when he grows up.  Nathan and I think he will go into engineering as much as he loves to build, but I don't think he knows that job exists!!!  Whatever he decides, we think he will be very successful!!

I think he sure looks cute as a doctor!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wyatt's Allergist Appointment

 Wyatt is now 2 years old, so we went to the allergist last week to discuss his food allergies.  We talked about how he still breaks out in hives, and how he shows signs of having other allergies.  I also explained how he wheezes, and has labored breathing when he becomes ill.  After our discussion, she performed a prick test on his back to see if he was still allergic to certain foods and other allergens.  I really wanted her to test more items, such as other tree nuts, but she said they don't do that because of his age. If  he isn't able to handle the peanuts, then I shouldn't even consider giving him anything else.

This is what she tested:
  1. dust mites
  2. cockroaches
  3. cat hair
  4. dogs
  5. mold ( alternaria tenuis)
  6. mold (cladosporium herbarum)
  7. penicillium
  8. oak
  9. birch
  10. hickory-pecan
  11. bermuda grass
  12. bahia grass
  13. ragweed
  14. lamb's quarter
  15. cow's milk
  16. egg whites
  17. egg yolks
  18. peanuts
 To distract Wyatt, the nurse blew bubbles while the doctor pricked his back.   Wyatt never cried during the test, but he kept trying to reach behind his back to see what was happening.  After the pricks, we had to wait 5 or 10 minutes before they measured his reactions.  I had to continue blowing bubbles for him so he would not try to scratch his back.  I saw the hives soon after they pricked him!

trying to pop bubbles


On a scale of 1- 4+ he was allergic to:

Dust mites  4+
Dogs          4+
Mold #1     4+
Mold #2     3
Cow Milk   4+
Egg whites  4+
Egg yolks    4+
Peanuts       4+

I wasn't too surprised by the list, but before the test, I would have guessed that he was allergic to pollens. He wasn't allergic to any. I figured he was allergic to eggs, because he developed hives around his mouth when my mom gave him a very small piece of egg. Also, I feed him egg noodles once, and I noticed a small reaction.  However, I didn't know his allergy to eggs is so high! He is able to eat eggs in baked foods (birthday cake or muffins) without a problem.  Luckily, the allergist told me I could continue feeding him foods with small amounts of eggs in them!!  I also suspected he was allergic to dogs because his face puffed up after playing with my sister's dog.
So, after seeing the results, the doctor told me to give him two different kinds of allergy medicine at night. It should help with the asthma, and his running nose and watery eyes. Unfortunately, I feel the medicine keeps him from sleeping well at night!!  I may just invest in a great vacuum cleaner, dust mite bed liners, and a variety of air filters for our house.   We'll see!  He goes back to the allergist in the spring, and I think she will do more testing. 

Preschool Creative Writing

Nathan always drops Weston off at school on his way to work. Every morning, he walks Weston to his classroom because Weston loves it.  One morning, the teachers were giggling when Nathan walked him to the door.  His teacher said, "I have something for you!!! Weston said his daddy told him this story(giggling)!!!" 

They gave Nathan this story that Weston had "written" in the writing center:

Nathan knew exactly where Weston heard this story...the Dollar Store!! Weston went to the Dollar Store with Nathan a few weeks before, and he was looking at the Halloween costumes.  He LOVES to look at scary costumes!!!  While looking, he found a Jason mask and asked Nathan, "What kind of monster is THIS, Daddy!!!!!?"  Nathan replied, " There is an old movie about a hockey player who kills everyone."
End of Story.

Well, Weston went to school and entertained his teachers with this story.  They said he told them a story, in great detail, about it too!! I had wondered why I had never seen any of Weston's stories hanging up in the classroom!!! Now, I know why!!! I told Weston not to write those kinds of stories at school because his teacher might think we are a CRAZY family, and the other students might get scared!! He told me, "Well, next time I will just draw a skeleton and the different parts of the body."  

Oh, that's nice!!!

 I can only imagine what that story is going to look like!!! I can just see him including private body parts in his drawing!!  Then, his teacher will really think we are CRAZY!


Last weekend, we went to Oktoberfest at Ft. Gordon.  We enjoyed German beer, brats, apple strudel, and some rides!! Nana and Papa were not able to make it this year because they were out of town. Although we missed them, we still had a great time. It was a bit hot for October, but we stayed cool by riding a lot of rides.  Most of the time we were able to get on the rides without having to wait, so that was a plus!!!    

Tammy and Ray on the pirate ship.

Daddy squeezed on the train!
Wyatt rode the train several times!!

Pumpkin Patch and Skyfest!

Here are some photos of our annual trip to a pumpkin patch!! After we picked our pumpkins, we stopped at the Boshears Skyfest. We were not planning on going, but the boys saw the planes writing messages in the sky, and it aroused their curiosity. So, we stopped at the Popeye's parking lot to watch the show for a bit.