Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Brand New Coop!

The guys working on the coop
 Nathan and the boys have been working on building a new coop for the chickens.  After having the chickens with us for a long time, we decided it was time to build them a proper coop.  The nights have been a little chilly, so they needed a warmer place to sleep at night.  After several months of trying to decide on what type of house we wanted to build, this is what we finally agreed upon.  We still haven't finished it completely.  We have to paint it, and finish putting the wire around their run area.  We still allow the chickens to run freely around our yard during the day, but we need a fenced area for them in case we decide to go out of town. The chickens seem to love their new coop.  It took them a couple of days to get used to it, but they adjusted quickly.
Weston was really excited about this new project!! His teacher asked us to send photos to her because he had been talking about it all of the time.  She let him share his photos with his classmates on the interactive board one day.  Weston was VERY excited about sharing!!

Weston sticking his head out of the egg boxes.
The egg boxes. Now we can collect the eggs without having to walk through the coop.

The hens on their roost.

The rooster walking down the ladder.

 A hen laying an egg in the WRONG spot. We have to train the hens to lay eggs in the egg boxes.  Chickens like to lay their eggs where there are eggs.  We have to leave eggs in the egg boxes to encourage them to lay their eggs there.
A door to their run area. We still have to put the chicken wire over it.
Our rooster

Christmas at Nana and Papa's

 Christmas afternoon, we went to Nana and Papa's house to open more presents!!Weston was thrilled to find more Legos and an electric scooter! Wyatt got a guitar and a new bike! After opening presents, the boys played with their new toys for a few hours.  Later, Nana and Papa cooked a delicious Christmas dinner for all of us! We had a great Christmas this year!!!



Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, Weston woke up first.  He actually woke up early because he had a nightmare.  I wish I could remember what it was about ( it was funny), but my memory has failed me.  I just remember that he totally forgot that it was Christmas because of his dream.  He climbed into our bed, but never noticed ANY of the presents. I finally had to  remind him that it was Christmas!!!
Weston checked his stocking first.
Santa left him some crazy stocking stuffers.
Wyatt found a treasure chest full of pirate goodies.

Weston was excited to see Legos under the tree!
Wyatt asked for musical instruments so he could play Jake and the Neverland Pirate rock songs.

Weston really likes Shel Silverstein poems, so he got another poetry book for Christmas.
Dr. Dreadful Zombie Lab! This is the gift that Weston wanted most for Christmas.  It was the last gift he opened, so he was thrilled when he finally opened it! 

Wyatt eating a cranberry muffin and drinking a soy milk smoothie.
Wyatt was most excited about his treasure map.  He wanted a telescope so he could look for treasures, but all we had was a paper towel roll.
Weston could not wait to make "Zombie barf" with his Dr. Dreadful Zombie Lab.
Yummy! Zombie Barf

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we went to the candlelight service at our church in the evening. We missed it last year, so it was nice that we were able to make it this Christmas Eve.  After the service, we went home and let the boys sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn. Then, the boys left gingerbread cookies and chocolate milk on the counter for Santa.
sprinkling reindeer food
Wyatt is still holding on to Halloween.  He is wearing Weston's pirate hat, which is now a part of his everyday look. You will rarely find him without it these days.

leaving cookies for Santa
Weston was very generous to Santa!  He left him a lot of cookies this year!
I never took our family photo in front of our fireplace this year:( I made sure to take one of the boys before they went to bed.

a photo of our other tree after Santa left a few presents