Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have been really busy lately, so I haven't had much time for blogging. Nathan and I have been trying to squeeze in a few classes before the baby comes and we've been working hard on getting the nursery ready. I've posted a lot of photos of everything that has been happening, but didn't write much. Just haven't had much time!

You are my sunshine

Weston used to HATE the song "You are my Sunshine." When he was one, he would get so mad if I sang this song. It was also on one of his kindermusik cds, and he didn't care to listen to it from there either (so it wasn't just my singing). Anyway, I tried singing it to him a couple of weeks ago and he knew all of the words. He even sings it by himself. I don't know why he has thrown a fit all these years!

Here he is singing it by himself. He messes up the words at first and gets embarrassed. He says, "uh, nothing"

It is so funny when he hits the high note on "dear"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VBS Day 3

Here are some photos of Day 3 of VBS. They had a picnic and water slides. Weston loved the water slide! He went down it by himself several times (when I wasn't looking). If I had known Nathan was letting him go down by himself, I would have hurt Nathan!!!:)

Vacation Bible School Day 2

Here are some photos of Day 2 of VBS :

still not wanting to participate in the music

Vacation Bible School Day 1

Last week was vacation bible school at our church. This year they had a class for 2 year olds, so Weston and his friend were able to attend classes. It was quite interesting! Neither one of them was interested in any of the activities. They just wanted to play which was fine by us. They had a great time!

They tried using markers

and putting stickers in their book, but their attention didn't last long!
Looking out of the church window during music time. They were looking for Easter eggs!

Trying to sing with the older kids

Cousin Brandon

still not interested...

From Blueberries to Blueberry Bars

Our blueberries bushes were loaded this year. Weston has been patiently waiting to pick the berries. We've been checking on them almost every day. He usually says, "we have to wait. they get bigger and bigger and then get delicious." Finally, we have ripe blueberries! He helped me pick all of the ripe ones and surprisingly left all of the unripe berries on the bush.

Weston doesn't like plain blueberries so we made blueberry oatmeal bars.
Pureeing the blueberries in the food processor. He loved this!

not interested in sharing

Uncle Steven sent us a package that was full of toys for baby brother. Uncle Steven also thought of Weston and sent him some Disney books. We told Weston the toys were for baby brother and he said, "I don't want to share with baby brother. It's Weston's toys." Later, I caught him gathering ALL of the toys and carrying them to his bed. He curled up next to them and told me he needed to snuggle his toys. I wonder how he is going to handle it when baby brother gets here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

baby shower

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and friend put together a baby shower for me. We all had lunch at the Cotton Patch. They did a really great job and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Here are some photos of the shower.

I hardly ever get to seen any of my relatives! My Granny and all of my aunts came from North Carolina.

Nathan's mom and Stacy came from North Carolina also.

We got a lot of nice presents! This is Weston thinking all of the presents were for him.

Stacy bought him the cutest "Big Brother" t-shirt! I can't wait for him to wear it!