Monday, February 28, 2011

Nana and Papa are Back!

Nana and Papa went on a road trip to California to visit my one of her brothers. They were gone for three weeks, but they returned last weekend. When they came back, they brought us a lot of citrus fruits from my uncle's backyard. Wyatt loves oranges and grapefruit!!! He's been climbing everything just to get his hands on them:) I finally had to put them out of his reach because he would grab something and then run through the house. He loves them so much he bites right through the peeling to get to the fruit. I would then find bits of oranges or lemons around the house, which was quite messy.

We sure have enjoyed all of the fruit! Thank you, Aunt Donna and Uncle Herm!!!


Weston has been enjoying orange smoothies in the morning.

Daddy's Helper

Last weekend, Weston helped Nathan build a bigger sandbox in our backyard. He even has his own tool belt and tools for helping. So sweet!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So, February has been a month full of illnesses!!! As soon as the boys would get rid of one virus, they pick up a new one. I'm sure most of their illnesses were just common colds or sinus infections, but Wyatt would start wheezing every time. This would send me into a panic. It is a bit scary to see your little one having trouble breathing, especially when they are unable to communicate what is happening to their body. So, Wyatt has been to the doctor more than a few times this month. Luckily, it hasn't been anything serious, and he has bounced back rather quickly each time. I know the boys have been ill most of February, but for the most part, they have handled it well! Somewhere in the middle of all the sickness, we celebrated Valentine's Day! We had a great Valentine's Day weekend, and then they jumped right back into being sick again. So, I just decided to sum up the month of February in one big post to save time:)

These are a few photos of Wyatt taking his breathing treatments. He has been having to do this to help with wheezing. The breathing treatments require him to sit still for 5 or 10 minutes and inhale medicine. This is hard for an 18 month old, but he has actually been very cooperative!!!

Sometimes he pretends it is a gun and tries to shoot people!!

These are photos of Weston making Valentine's cards. I pulled out construction paper, crayons, and scissors for Weston so he could make homemade cards. I was surprised that he was actually really excited about it! I showed him how to fold paper in half, cut out a half heart, and then open it to find a whole heart. He thought that was cool!

I don't know what happened, but somehow he talked me into cutting out a "brain with worm holes" for his card! He wanted to bring this to his teacher!!! I didn't let him because I know she probably thinks he a bit of a rascal:) I didn't want her to think he was being mean or that I was a crazy mom for allowing him to bring it to school. I convinced him that his cousins would appreciate it more, so he gave it to Nolan and Brandon:)

Weston really enjoyed his Valentine's party at his school. He was excited to show me all of his cards and candy.

popping candyHe shared some of his candy with Wyatt.

Weston made this music box for me at the Lowe's workshop. Daddy and Weston secretly went to the workshop without me, so it was a surprise!! I thought it was really sweet of him!! After I opened the box, my first impression was that the music was eerie. I didn't dare mention that to Weston because I didn't want to hurt his feeling (although he loves scary things so it probably wouldn't have mattered). A few days later, he said, "Why does this box play creepy music? It sounds like a Halloween movie!!!" I was just relieved I wasn't the only one who thought that! I still loved it though...creepy music and all!!

I guess he liked the box so much, he decided to keep it. I later found it on his dresser...

holding his loose change:)
These are photos of Valentine's Day. I bought the boys candy and place mats to color. Just as I thought, Weston didn't care much for coloring.

Wyatt liked it so much he scribbled on his high chair and the kitchen table:)

The boys gave me begonias!

Last week, Wyatt became sick again and started wheezing A LOT!! I had to take him to the doctor again and she was concerned. She said he was struggling to get air in his lungs She gave him two breathing treatments in the office and then sent us to have x-rays of his chest. Weston couldn't have been happier because he has been begging me to take him to a doctor who will take x-rays of his skeleton. Weston was allowed in the x-ray room, so he was able to see it all take place. I know it wasn't the same as seeing his own bones, but he happy with being able to see his brother's. The lady who took the x-rays was really sweet to Weston. She gave him a tour of the room and explained how all of the equipment worked. She even discussed the different body parts on Wyatt's x-rays. Luckily, Wyatt didn't have pneumonia, just a bad case of bronchitis. He was put on steroids, antibiotics, and more breathing treatments!!! Today I took him back to the doctor for a recheck and he sounded great!!! Hopefully, March will be a better month for us.