Thursday, May 28, 2009

School is Out!

School is out for Nolan and Brandon, which means that Weston will have someone to play with during the week. Yesterday, Nolan and Brandon were able to come over and play. Brandon and Weston played in the sandbox for a couple of hours.

Nolan's Baseball Games

Lately, we have been enjoying Nolan's baseball games. It gives Weston an opportunity to play with Brandon and other kids, while we enjoy the entertainment. We just wish we could reduce the number of times Weston wants to make a trip to the concession stand for boiled peanuts and lollipops. Here are some photos from a couple of the games:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We never thought this day would come

Weston is finally wearing underwear full time. We have been struggling with a toddler that has been terrified of going #2 on the potty. Last week he finally worked up the nerve to go on the toilet, and he has been going ever since. He started potty training at the end of January and it has taken him this long to make a complete transition to underwear. We think he looks so cute in his boxer briefs.

He is quite proud of himself!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brandon's Kindergarten Program

We went to Brandon's end-of-the-year kindergarten program today. Weston was so excited that he was going to go to school and see his cousins. His shoulders dropped and he pouted as soon as he realized that Brandon was on stage. He asked, "When's Brandon done the show?"
After he quit pouting he settled down and enjoyed the program. He tried getting Brandon's attention several times during the program:)

We are so proud of Brandon! We love you!

receiving his kindergarten diploma

Brandon also received an "Accelerated Reader Award" and "Best Artist Award!"

Weston was so happy when Brandon was "done the show."

You can tell they adore each other!

Playing on the playground before we left.

Eating Peas

On Tuesday, Weston tasted a raw pea from our garden. He said they were "delicious" and wanted to eat ALL of the peas. I was so proud that he was eating green vegetables that I didn't stop him. He would ask me to open the pod and then he would dig out all the peas. I thought he would get tired of them quickly, but that wasn't the case. He pretty much wiped out all of Nathan's peas :) We'll have to plant twice as many next year.

Here is a video clip of him patiently pulling out the peas one by one.

Mother's Day Weekend

Nathan was so sweet on Mother's Day weekend. He cooked a delicious dinner on Saturday; we had BBQ ribs, potato salad, sweet potato fries, Texas toast, cabbage, and homemade raspberry lemonade. Nathan and Weston woke early on Saturday to make a trip to the grocery store and then spent the rest of the day in the kitchen preparing food. He did a fantastic job! Thank you, sweetie!

Our poor Weston was sick ALL weekend. He only wanted soup.

On Sunday morning, Weston surprised me with an orange Gerber daisy that he picked out himself. Nathan said that he originally picked out a huge plant, but it was too heavy for Weston so they put it back. I would have loved to see him trying to carry a giant plant around Lowe's. He also gave me a gift card to McDonald's:)

Sunday evening we took a drive to the dam and let the kids play until it started raining.

Looking at the fish at the SC welcome center.

Helping me plant my daisy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zoo Trip

We met Papaw, Honey, Stacy, and Brian at the zoo on Saturday. Weston woke up at 6:00 am sharp and was ready to go! We have been to the zoo a lot, but he still loves it. This time his favorite attraction was the giraffe and the carousal.

Thanks for meeting us at the zoo! We had a great time!

Brian and Stacy

talking to the turkey

His favorite animal this trip

trying to feed them
He looks scared in this photo, but he loved the carousal.

We took this photo only because Weston teared up and said, "I want to stick my face in the flower."
Checking out the bog garden

running out of steam
At 3:30 he fell asleep. This is the only 10 minutes of sleep he had all day.