Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas day and evening

Honey and Papaw drove from North Carolina to spend Christmas day and evening with us. Thank you for coming to visit us on Christmas!

Papaw and Honey gave Weston a Tonka road map.

We went back to my parents house for dinner

I love this photo! Brandon is at the kitchen table pouting.

Brandon slept through dinner

Nana and Papa gave Weston a Little Einstein chair.

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning I realized we didn't have everything ready! Just when I was about to rush downstairs, Weston woke up. I came up with the idea to put him in our bed with some milk, a cookie, and cartoons so that we could get the presents under the tree. It worked! He gladly stayed in bed by himself while we finished getting ready.

dumping his stocking
Aunt Susan and Uncle Charlie sent him a cute Thomas the Train flashlight. He loves it!

A golfing game from our friends, Debbie and Charlie

his first remote control car from Santa!

After opening presents at our house, we went to Nana and Papas at 8:30am for breakfast and more presents.

his cousins gave him a drum set

little drummer boy

Christmas Eve

It has been tradition for us to host a Christmas Eve get-together before we go to the candlelight service at our church. This Christmas Eve we all happy that none of us were sick. Last year, Nathan, Nolan, Ray, and Tammy came down with a stomach virus on Christmas Eve and it lasted through Christmas day. To top it off, Nolan and my dad were sick with Fifth Disease. A week or so later my Mom, Weston, Tammy, and I ended up with Fifth Disease. We all had rashes and felt as though we had arthritis for a month. It was almost comical the way we were all so sick. Needless to day, we were all happy to be in good heath this year! Here are some photos of our Christmas Eve. This year we just made appetizers- buffalo wings, cheese dip, bean dip, vegetables, and spiced apple cider.

Nathan made Weston a sandbox in our backyard last weekend. He has so many tractors and dump trucks that there isn't any room for him in the sandbox.