Monday, July 28, 2008

Kitchen Help

Weston loves to climb onto the kitchen counter while I'm in the kitchen. He has been really interested in what I am doing lately. He also wants to get in the cabinets and pull out the sugar, coffee, and mugs. He especially loves to smell the coffee and shake the sugar. I have to pull him off the counter all the time. Well, today I got a silly idea to let him "watch" me wash dishes. I pulled the stool over to the sink and put him next to me. Yes, I knew I was asking for trouble! He wanted to "help" so I let him take over. Washing dishes turned into a science experiment for him and a HUGE mess for me. He would try pouring water from one dish to the other and then stop in between to take a drink. The mess was well worth the laughs I had today!

This is Weston washing dishes for the first time! He started saying, "wash, wash, wash!" At the end, he was about to blow bubbles in the water.

I also made him mop up his mess!

Saturday Bike Ride

We have felt a little trapped in the house lately because it has been so HOT. We all needed to get outside so we decided to go for a bike ride at the Augusta Greenway. The trail is covered with trees so it stays cool enough for us to tolerate being outside. Weston enjoyed looking at the scenery. He made several comments along the way. It was too bad we couldn't understand a thing he was saying in his bike trailor! At the end of the trail, we usually stop at the gas station for a snack before we head back.

He kicked his feet up and got comfortable.
picking out a snack

eating a cereal bar at the gas station

eating another snack on the way back

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thomas the Train!

On Thursday, my parents took Weston to the mountains in North Carolina so they could ride Thomas the Train. Nathan's parents live about 30 minutes away from the train station so they also took Weston to visit them. They spent the night in the mountains Thursday night and then they rode the train Friday morning. Nathan's mom was able to go with them, but Papaw had to work. They say he had a great time at Thomas the Train, but he didn't seem to be too impressed with the train ride. He fell asleep! I guess the whole trip wore him out a bit.
After the train ride they visited with Honey (that is what Weston calls Nathan's mom) and then drove home. Thanks for taking Weston to Thomas the Train! Looks like a lot of fun!

rocking on the front porch of the hotel in his pajamas

Weston didn't want to sleep in the crib so he got to sleep with Nana and Papa. He looks happy about that!

His first bus ride! They had to ride a bus to get to Thomas the Train.

At the station, they have LOTS of toys to play with while you wait for the train.

Weston was in train heaven!

making bubbles

getting ready to board the train

poor baby fell asleep during the ride!

After the train, they went to Papaw and Honey's house and ran around the garden.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Weston is really stingy when it comes to affection. We can ask him for hugs and kisses all day and his answer is usually "no." He doesn't get mad when we ask him for affection; he just calmly says "no." Bedtime is no different. He doesn't have time for all of the mushy stuff, but we continue to ask him for a hug and a kiss every night. When I ask him, he just squeezes his feet and legs between the slats of his crib and tells me to kiss his feet! How rude is that?

This is what the end of our day looks like.

Friday, July 18, 2008

An Easy Afternoon

I finally finished my summer courses this week, so things have calmed down around our house. Weston and I were able to spend a peaceful day together doing what he enjoys the most-taking it easy outside. Here are some photos of our relaxing afternoon. I took some black&white and sepia toned photos to change things up a bit. It just seemed to fit the mood today.

watching the airplanes go by

figuring out the sprinkler head

playing with his bubble gunpoking around the storage bench

getting in the hydrangeas

He was just trying to get a drink of water but managed to get wet as usual. I'm not even sure if he noticed he was getting wet in the process. This video was taken right after his afternoon nap; he is usually this mellow when he wakes up.