Monday, November 30, 2009

Nathan's Black Friday Finds

Nathan left the house at 5:00 am on Friday to search for bargains. I wish he could bounce out of bed like that when Wyatt is crying at 3:00 am! Anyway, Nathan was home by 7:30 am after making a trip to Target, Sports Authority, Toys R Us, and the mall. That wasn't enough excitement for him in one day so he headed out in the shopping madness again. This time he took Weston with him and they came back with a trampoline!

The trampoline now has the safety net around it, but I haven't taken any photos of that yet.
I think we are having more fun on it than Weston :)


This year we ate Thanksgiving at my parents house. This year Weston was REALLY hungry! I dropped off bread pudding at my parent's and then went back to our house to get Wyatt. When Nathan, Wyatt, and I arrived at their house, Weston had already eaten a couple of deviled eggs, bread, and a whole turkey leg! The food was great and we all enjoyed our Thanksgiving day!

Afternoon naps...

Checking out all of the Black Friday sales.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Claus

We took the boys to see Santa Claus at the mall this week. Weston was really patient while waiting in line this year. Santa was very SLOW and it took him forever to listen to each child ramble on about their Christmas wishes. Wyatt slept during the wait. We had to wake him up so he could sit on Santa's lap.

Wyatt yawning...

Weston asked Santa for the Hungry Hippo game. He has never played the game before, so he must have seen it advertised on TV.

When Weston left the stage he said, "Where's my Hungry Hippo game?" Poor guy thought Santa was going to give him toys right then and there.

Making Marshmallows

Nathan's mom brought me a recipe to make homemade marshmallows. I was going to make them while she was here, but I never got around to it. Here are some photos of us making marshmallows. They were a lot of fun!

A Trip to Monkey Joes

I started a sticker chart for Weston so that he could earn a trip to Jumping Beans for good behavior. He filled up his chart, so I took him to Jumping Beans while Honey was here. She watched Wyatt so that Weston and I could have a fun day together. When we arrived at Jumping Beans, there were no kids there! I knew Weston wouldn't want to jump by himself so I drove to Monkey Joes which is on the other side of town. We had the best time together! He was a little nervous to go on many of the slides, but he enjoyed the jumps for toddlers.

After we left, I took him to get ice cream at Bruster's.

We appreciate Honey watching Wyatt for us so that we could this day together! We have started another sticker chart and he is REALLY excited to earn another fun day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

While Daddy was...

in Colorado for a week...

Honey came to stay with us! We were really glad she came to visit us because it can get really lonely staying at home by ourselves. It is also a lot of work handling two kids by myself, so it was REALLY nice having an extra set of hands. We had a lot of fun while she was here and we stayed really busy. Thanks for coming to stay with us, Honey!

Here are some of the highlights from the week:

Weston was thrilled to have someone to snuggle with on the couch.

Wyatt loved Honey holding him all of the time.

We went to my parents house for Sunday dinner. Some friends came over and Weston had the best time playing with everyone.

Honey and Weston built Frankenstein together.

Honey reading the boys a story at nap time.

Both of them fell asleep quickly!
Weston and I put up a small Christmas tree.

Reading the "scruntions" for me.

Making ornaments

Honey taught me how to make Christmas wreaths the first year we moved in our house. We have grapevine in our backyard that we clip every year to make Christmas wreaths. Honey made four beautiful wreaths this year.

Weston mooning Honey! Weston was ROTTEN while Honey was here. He was so excited about her being here that he couldn't control himself.

The pretty wreath Honey made us.

Nathan's mom dug up the grass around the sidewalk so Weston and I could plant some more daffodils. She also raked a ton of leaves in our backyard!

We also put some puzzles together. This is one of Weston's favorite things to do.