Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lowe's Kid's Clinic

This past weekend we took Weston to the Lowe's Kid's Clinic. Weston got lucky because he was able to make TWO things on Saturday! They were building a Lowbot and a Valentine's jewelry organizer. They had canceled the Valentine's jewelry holder class in February because of the snow, and luckily rescheduled it for this weekend. He really enjoyed the class, so we signed him up for the next session in a couple of weeks. We are looking forward to taking him there again and are hoping his cousins will join us next time!
Nana and Papa, thank you for watching Wyatt while we spent some alone time with Weston!

Daddy helped Weston build the lowbot with him.
getting his certificate
I helped him with the jewelry holder.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wyatt's 6 month stats

I took Wyatt to his 6 month appointment and here are his stats:

weighed 18 lbs 4 0z 60%
height- 28 1/4 inches 95%

Also, Wyatt is being refereed to an allergist for allergy testing. We are still dealing with a skin rash and occasional whelps. I strongly feel that he is allergic to other foods, along with cow's milk, and I am ready to know everything that is causing his rash.

Growing something "wicious"

Last weekend we had wonderful weather! We planted a lot of different vegetable seeds in our garden. We are curious to see what will grow this year. Shortly after planting, Weston said, "What is that noise? I think I hear something "wicious" growing. I'm going outside to check and see if something "wicious" (delicous) is growing."

"Look at my little buddy!"

Growing up so fast!

Some days I wake up and notice our kids have grown up significantly over night. This past week, both of our boys seemed to do this at the same time. Sometimes I am so amazed at how quickly they can change. Here are just a few of the things that have happened this week.

Wyatt is now sitting at the kitchen table in his highchair. He has been eating three meals a day:) He seems to like every food he tries. I think he especially likes peas.

He has also started sitting up a bit. He falls over after a few
minutes so I have to put a boppy pillow behind him.

Weston wrote his name with sidewalk chalk! A couple of months ago, he wouldn't pick up a pencil.

After asking us SEVERAL TIMES to help him build a helicopter from his brand new building set, Weston finally put this helicopter together by himself . He used the pictorial instructions as his guide. We were busy with a leaking kitchen sink and a fussy baby at the time. An hour or two later, Nathan noticed the helicopter on the table. The things they can do when they are left alone to figure things out for themselves!

He is also getting to be a very helpful big brother. This is a video of Weston reading a book to Wyatt.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our builder

Weston loves building! This is what we made yesterday with his Trio Building Set:

Our 1/2 year old

Yesterday, we made it halfway through Wyatt's first year!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rolling over!!

Wyatt started rolling over...FINALLY! He has been trying for 2 months now! He must have rolled over about 20 times yesterday. The only problem is that he can't roll from his belly to his back. This means that I was rolling him back over ALL day!

He was SO excited! This is the best video I was able to get of Wyatt rolling over. It seems like he only rolled over as soon as I turned my back to him. I would hold the camera on him for several minutes and he would just smile at me. I would walk off and then he would roll over! In this video, he was actually trying to chase his pacifier

Breaking in the floor !!

The morning after we finished the floors.....

Weston said, "Could you wipe up this little bit of coffee for me?" He spilled his coffee and cereal on the floor and we haven't even applied the tile sealer yet!!!

Wyatt giving his toys a big toss!!!

At lunch...Weston spilled orange juice

after lunch....

A Venetian Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, we finally finished the kitchen floor! I completely forgot to take any photos of the boys in their Valentine's outfits because we were so busy trying to get the rest of our Venetian tile down. Our stove and fridge were in our living room and the washer and dryer were sitting in the driveway. We were in such a hurry to get the kitchen back in order that we worked on the floor the entire day (well, Nathan worked most of the day)!
Anyway, Nathan and I finally finished with the grout at 11:00 pm on Valentine's Day. How romantic is that?!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Snow!!! We've been wishing for snow all winter and we finally got some!!!!

The snow started coming down Friday afternoon.

The next morning we had about 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground!

My mom made us an excellent breakfast that morning because our kitchen was still out of commission. Thank you so much!

snow angels

snowball fights

boogie boarding
Shedding tears from being hit in the face with a snowball.
We made a couple of snowmen.

Weston loved making footprints

I convinced my sister we HAD to make a snow angel. It may be another 10 years before we get this much snow!
By the afternoon, much of the snow had melted. We hope we get another snowy day soon!