Monday, December 28, 2009


Weston wore the same fashionable Christmas pajamas that he wore last year :)

Toy guns...every mother's dream!!
Wyatt was given a mirror from Santa. You can see in this photo that he has discovered his hands.
Weston was really interested in board games this year. He really wanted Connect 4 but has no idea how to play it. He has a blast just dropping the checkers in the slots and making patterns.

Weston opened all of his presents and wanted to know why Santa didn't leave him a Hungry Hippo game!!

It was at Nana and Papas...

his favorite gift!!!

playing with his Bakugan

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Nathan and I made homemade pizza for the family before the candlelight service at church. We made five batches of pizza dough and a huge bowl of homemade pizza sauce-yummy! Our house smelled like a pizza restaurant for a couple of days.

After the candlelight service ...

Weston left gingerbread cookies, milk, and a note for Santa. Weston had a REALLY hard time sharing those cookies.

Weston said, "This cookie is for Santa and THIS cookie is for Weston!"

"Can I have just ONE cookie?"

Lights of the South!

We almost didn't make it to Lights of the South this year. It has been cold and rainy this Christmas season so it was hard to schedule a day for all of us to make it there. We didn't want to miss it so we bundled up the kids a couple of days before Christmas and went in the cold anyway. It was a quick trip, but it was a lot of fun!

All bundled up for a chilly night!

Waiting in line for Santa.

I love this photo of the cousins! Weston asked Santa for a Hungry Hippo game :)

Weston and Wyatt really liked the hayride. Weston wanted to sit with his Aunt Tammy and Uncle Ray which explains why he wasn't in our photos. Brandon wanted to sit with us this year.

4 months old!

On December 17th, Wyatt turned 4 months old! A lot of exciting things have happened in the last month. We have been extremely busy with the holidays, so I am really behind on my blogging. Here are some of the highlights:

Wyatt has had his first illness, first tooth, first laugh, and first Christmas.

He has started sleeping most of the night! Most of the time he will sleep 7 to 10 hour stretches each night.

He really notices Weston now, and he tries to get his attention by grunting or squealing.

He hasn't rolled over yet. Part of it is probably our fault because he hasn't had a lot of floor play. He had colic for over two months and then he started teething soon after. This meant that he wanted to be held A LOT!! He hasn't been shy about demanding to be held either!

On the day Wyatt turned 4 months old, I only took one photo. It was taken on the way home from the after hour clinic. He had his first cold/cough and ear infection. Weston was also sick, so you can probably imagine how much fun we were having this day!

Weston was rubbing Wyatt's cheek to make him feel better:)

This is a photo taken on December 20th, the day we discovered his first tooth! He has been chewing on his hands with his new tooth. Tooth number 2 is on its way out so we are expecting it soon!

This is his first family Christmas photo.

He fits in with the other two men of the house. He loves watching tv!!

He enjoys being outdoors and taking walks.