Friday, April 20, 2012

Row Row Row Your Boat!!!

After we give Wyatt a bath, we usually tell Wyatt to go downstairs and get on the changing table. He will go downstairs and climb onto his changing table by himself and wait.  I'm embarrassed to say this, but sometimes we forget about him for several minutes. He will sit in there quietly and wait until someone comes to dress him!  I know...bad parents!!! One evening, we happened to forgot about him, and he managed to entertain himself for a bit.  I have no idea how he thought of this idea, or how he managed to get the plunger and broom onto his changing table, but he did.  This is how I found him!! He had turned his changing table into a rowboat, and was singing a song he made up himself.

Even though he was being neglected, he was VERY happy and proud!

A Lot of Egg Decorating!

The boys all ready to decorate! Notice that it is still light outside!
  I was so happy that I found a pirate egg decorating kit for Wyatt at Target this year! Weston wanted to make monster eggs again, so I ended up buying two kits. I was trying to please both boys, but ended up with TOO much fun for one night!  Next year, I will only be purchasing one kit, because we were decorating eggs LATE into the evening.  What was I thinking?!!!! I would say we had a blast, but after the first two hours, we were tired of decorating.  The eggs turned out great, but we never finished them completely.  We finally had to call it a night after we noticed it was after 10.

Wyatt was having problems waiting on the eggs being dyed, so I told him to count to 10.

Wyatt trying to count to 10 on his fingers.
ahoy, mateys!!
HMMMMM.....which face should I pick?
15 minutes later....still trying to decide.

Still decorating!!!
Weston said, "The person who finds my golden bloody egg gets a big prize!"

Monster eggs!  We never got around to putting on the hair, arms, and legs!

Pirate eggs!

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Here are some photos from our church Easter egg hunt!! The boys had a great time as usual!
Weston's decorated egg!

Balloon pop race!

egg toss

This boy kept asking for eggs and then threw them at people!

Egg hunt!

Weston and Wyatt won an Easter basket!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We went on a bowling field trip with Weston's class.  I had the best time watching all of the pre-k students bowling.  They were so cute! After bowling, we went to a nearby park and ate our lunches!