Friday, February 29, 2008

A Doctor's Visit, A Call To 911, and a Trip to the ER!

Yesterday was a nightmare! For the past week Weston has had a running nose, but yesterday he woke with a cough that sounded like a barking seal. We suspected that he had croup. He was also running a fever so I asked Nathan if he would stay home so we could take him to the doctor together. My intuition must have told me that I was going to need him home yesterday.

We were able to get him an appointment with the doctor at 11:00. She said that it looked and sounded like croup so she prescribed a steroid and an antibiotic. We left the doctor's office and went to the drugstore to get his prescription filled. They said we had to wait two hours. Having some time to kill, we went to Target to get some air filters for Weston's humidifier. Weston appeared to be fine-just sleepy. While I was pushing him around the store in the shopping cart, he slumped over to the side of the cart. I thought he must be really tired! His eyelids started to flutter the way they do when he is about to fall asleep. Then he started drooling. I was confused! Was he passing out, choking, or about to fall asleep? He was breathing, but he looked like he was turning blue! I rushed around the store trying to find Nathan. I found Nathan and we looked him over. He seemed back to normal-only sleepy. I was uncomfortable about what just happened but I thought I was being paranoid. Maybe he was just sleepy. So we left the store and got in Nathan's truck. Weston fell asleep as soon as we put him in the car seat. Finally, we picked up the prescription and headed home.
When we got home, my mom had made some chicken noodle soup and invited us over. I went over to my mom's while Nathan stayed home to get a few things done. I brought Weston's medicine with me. I sat him in the highchair and gave him the steroid. I got up to get the antibiotic and when I turned around Weston slumped over again! This time he was convulsing and his eyes were rolling back in his head. He was not breathing and he was turning blue! There was a strange sound coming from his throat. I knew he was having a seizure. I called 9-1-1! My mom picked him up while I spoke with the 9-1-1 operator . My nephews were at my mom's house and they started to panic too. Nolan screamed, "Don't touch him Nana! You are going to get it too and die! Put him down! He's going to die! We are going to die!" I told him to go get Nathan! Nolan ran to our house and told Nathan that Weston had a disease and we needed him to come quick.
While waiting for the EMT, we were instructed to take off Weston's clothes to cool him down. The convulsing finally stopped but Weston was limp and he was making a strange moaning sound. He wouldn't open his eyes! They finally arrived and they gave him oxygen and wiped him down with a wet rag. After about 30 minutes he came around. We were instructed to take him to the ER to have him examined so we headed for MCG. Our poor baby! We drove to the hospital with just his diaper on. He slept the entire drive.
At MCG they told us that he probably had a febrile seizure which is caused by a sudden increase in body temperature. They said he would probably grow out of it by the time he is four or five! Four or Five! This could happen again? We stayed at the hospital until his temperature came down. Weston was not happy. He cried "Nooooo!" every time someone came near him. The experience was horrible but we are SO thankful that he is alright! He was so happy to finally go home!

Here he is at home in his hospital gown.
He wanted a cracker.

He was happy to play and watch Baby Einstein!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Nathan and I have purchased two riding toys thinking that Weston would really enjoy them. First, we bought him an old fashioned radio flyer bike but the design was terrible. The seat was so far back that he could barely reach the handles. He tried riding the bike once or twice but didn't like it. So, we bought him another bike but he didn't want anything to do with that either! I decided that he was just not interested in riding anything with wheels. Nathan wanted to give it another try so he surprised Weston with a John Deere tractor on Valentine's Day. He knew exactly what it was when he saw it too. He said "tacter"! Well, he really loves it and rides it almost every day! It also came with farm animals that he loves to carry around the house. I guess he did want a riding toy but we had to find the perfect one.

Where have I seen this trick before? Yes, he
tries standing on his tractor too.

Sunday at Nana and Papa's

We eat lunch at my Mom and Dad's house every Sunday. My Mom usually cooks a big meal for us, but this Sunday she bought fried chicken. We were curious to see if Weston would like chicken so we gave him a whole drumstick. He said "mmmmmm" and ate all of it! After eating lunch, he went outside to play. A neighborhood cat was in my parents' yard so Weston spent the afternoon chasing it. This was his first time meeting a real cat.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Stunt Pony Rider

Weston loves animals! That is all he talks about during the day-animals. We felt that he definitely needed a rocking horse for Christmas so Nana and Papa gave him one. He has since kept me laughing about all the stunts he performs on his horse! So far he has rode the pony standing, rode him backwards, rode him on his knees, rode him while watching tv, and tried a few jumps. Thank you so much for the horse Nana and Papa. It came with a lot of laughs!

I have only seen this stunt a few times. He was proud of himself!

checking for damage

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Drowning in Books

I love the fact that Weston enjoys books, but does he have to make such a big mess when he reads? This morning Weston decided to do some reading. I watched him pull one book at a time off the shelf and flip through the pages. He looked pretty content so I went upstairs to clean up our breakfast mess. When I checked on him 5 minutes later, he was swimming in a pile of books!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cousin Brandon's Wedding

Last week Weston and I went to see his cousin Brandon get married. Brandon is in Pre-K this year and his class planned a wedding for the letters "Q" and "U". Brandon was picked to be Mr. Q! I was a little nervous about taking Weston to the wedding because it was during his nap time but we knew could not miss this event. My sister has been worried that he would not go through with the wedding but he did great! He did do a few ninja moves while he was waiting for the bride, but it was entertaining! Way to go Brandon! Weston watched the entire wedding silently sitting in Nana's lap. I was glad!