Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Special Message From Santa to Weston

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Family Photo With Santa 2011

We usually take a family photo for our annual Christmas card  in front of our fireplace. This year, we never got around to taking the photo. The lights on our tree blew out the first week we put up our tree, so it hasn't been presentable for a Christmas card. We FINALLY got around to fixing the lights a couple of days ago!! Unfortunately, our Christmas card photo is not of the entire family this year:( So, that is why I am glad we were able to take a family photo at Weston's school!! We hadn't planned for it to be a family photo, but it ended up that way. It was supposed to be a photo of Weston and Wyatt, but Wyatt refused to sit in Santa's lap. Tears came from Wyatt the instant he looked at Santa, so we were left with no choice. Nathan held Wyatt, while Santa stood out of Wyatt's sight.  I can't say that it is the best photo, but at least we have a family photo!!!

Dr. Spiky and Dr. Doofus

 During small group time, Weston's class was asked to stamp the letters of their name.  After they were finished with their names, they were allowed to stamp with the other letters.  Weston created these crazy faces!!! We thought it was pretty creative for preschool!

Dr. Spiky

Dr. Doofus

Still Making Booby Traps!

Nathan and I laughed when we found this Lego man dangling from our coffee table, after putting the boys to bed one night.  Weston is still very interested in making booby traps, only he uses his Legos instead of household items now.  At least he isn't testing them out on us anymore!  

I have no idea what this is, but the booby trap was attached to this thing.

Field Trip to Build-A-Bear

Weston had his second field trip to Build-A-Bear last week.  Nana and Papa watched Wyatt so I could go with him.
He chose the bear with the blond fur this time, but he gave him the same name as his last Build-A-Bear. We now have two Lovehearts!!!

bath time!

We ate lunch at the mall.

We had enough to play on the mall playground for a few minutes.

Weston sharing cookies with his bear.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There's a New Superhero in Town...

it's Bible Man!! Yes, Wyatt is wearing a Bible Man mask that came from the Christian bookstore.  Our boys really enjoy dressing up in costumes, so Nathan had to buy the Bible Man costume when he came across it in the bookstore.  The costume actually came with a purple cape that says "Bible Man" on the back, but Wyatt has on a vampire cape instead. We always crack up when he puts the mask on, because he can't even see in it!! For some reason, it forces his eyes to close most of the way!!!It is hard to keep a straight face when he says, "I'll save you!!!"

Christmas Cookies at Nana's House

Nana is known for her delicious Christmas sugar cookies! Every year she makes her cookie dough, and then we help her bake and decorate them.  This year, Nana even made two versions of the dough so Wyatt could eat cookies too! She is always great about making sure he doesn't feel left out at her house. She even colored the dough green so we could tell his cookies apart from the rest.  I actually thought his version tasted better!!! We all had a great time as usual.  The boys stuffed themselves with as many cookies as their little stomachs could hold.

Wyatt was really into the whole cookie making experience! He climbed on the counter so he could get to the action. Look at all the flour on his pants.
Are they ready yet?!!!!
Brandon rolling the dough.

The boys busy decorating! Weston was loading the cookies with extra sprinkles.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Marshmallows!

The year Wyatt was born, we made making marshmallows a Christmas tradition in our house.  Honey gave us the recipe, and we fell in love with it. I like it because the kids can do most of the work (except the boiling step), so they feel like they have made them all by themselves.  They taste great too!  This year, I even pulled out the culinary torch, and have been roasting them in the house...even better! Yummy!
adding some vanilla

The next morning, Weston helped me roll them in powdered sugar and cornstarch.

Our marshmallows!

Wyatt loves them!!!


As you can see in the next video, Wyatt wanted to put the measuring spoons in the mixing bowl!! That's okay...Weston can take care of Wyatt :)