Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting Ready

We have been trying to prepare Weston for the arrival of baby brother. He has come with me to some of my doctor's appointments and we usually take him to the nursery to see the babies.

Yesterday, we went to our last sonogram and Weston came too. He was fascinated with the ultrasound and asked A LOT of questions!! He was really excited to hear the heartbeat too. After he listened to the heartbeat, he asked the lady if he could hear baby brother's butt!!!

While I was seeing the doctor, Nathan took a video clip of Weston looking at all the babies.
I'm not sure if you can understand what he is saying in the video so I will translate:

another sleeping baby!

oh, those feet are kicking! that one is kicking.

Making Tea

Lately, Weston LOVES to help make tea. Here are some photos of my little tea maker. He mixes the sugar and dumps the ice.

A visit from Steven, Erica, and Gage

Steven, Erica, and Gage came to visit us last weekend. We had a really nice time with them. My camera batteries went dead again, do I didn't get a lot of photos. On Sunday, Steven and Erica grilled a nice dinner for us. Nathan made a fire in the backyard and they all roasted marshmallows. Also, Nathan and Gage made a rabbit trap for the garden. There has been a rabbit that has been eating everything out of our garden. Nathan and Gage were determined they were going to catch it! I'm sorry I didn't get photos everything else.

Weston and Gage played water guns.

The guys brought some balloons home from the Dollar Store and made some balloon animals :)

Saving Turtle

Nathan found a turtle at his work last week so he brought it home for Weston. It wasn't the friendliest turtle; it tried snapping at us every chance it could. We knew we needed to find a nice home for it, so we it took it to one of our favorite places, the swamp.

We were happy to see our turtle matched the other turtles that live at the swamp.

We spotted a snake while we there.

We dropped the turtle in the water and never saw him again :(

Nathan and Weston looking for the turtle. We hope he survived!

Weston thinks the visitor's center at the swamp is a zoo. It was closed when we got there, but he managed to talk a lady into opening it for him. She was nice enough to let us go inside and look around.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July!

We celebrated 4th of July at home this year.
Nathan grilled hamburgers.

We made s'mores.

Nathan bought fireworks from the Dollar Store for our backyard. Our fireworks were legal this year, which means they were on the boring side:) Last year, he drove to South Carolina and purchased fireworks that are illegal in Georgia.

Boring was just right for Weston :)

Doing a flip on Nathan's brick launching pad. Ouch!

One of the neighbors bought illegal fireworks, so they put on a better show for everyone.

They were too scary for Weston so he insisted on sitting in Nathan's truck.
The neighbor's illegal fireworks started a neighborhood fire. It happened to be the house that Nathan and I were house sitting. The fire department had to be called when no one could put the fire out. I made Nathan call the owner of the house and tell him that his yard had caught on fire:)

This is a video of Weston showing me how to use Pop Its


We went to see the fireworks at Ft. Gordon this year. This is the first time we have taken Weston to see them. He loved the fireworks, but we had to watch them from the truck. They were too loud for him, and we wanted to beat the traffic. It worked out well for all of us! My camera batteries went dead, so I was not able to get any photos of the fireworks.

Summer Reading Program

Nana and Papa watch Weston one day a week so I can work on my homework. They enrolled him in a summer reading program at the library. We read 30 library books to him and he earned a free book and several coupons for free food at different restaurants. He has loved reading all of the new books! They even found a few books about bringing home a new baby.

Trying to dress himself

Weston has been really interested in dressing himself lately. Sometimes he puts his clothes on backwards and I get a good laugh.

Beach Trip

The weekend of my birthday and Father's Day, we went to Hilton Head Island. Nathan and Weston were really excited about going to the beach. Being pregnant, I was not quite as excited. I was happy to get out of the house, but knew I wouldn't be able to do much at the ocean. Not to mention, it was 100 degrees most of the weekend! Anyway, it was nice to spend time together as a family. It didn't feel much like a vacation, but we made some nice family memories.

Last year Weston did not like the waves one bit. We thought Weston would love the ocean this year, but he didn't care for it one bit.

"I don't like the whales splashing!"

Nathan taking Weston to the water.

As soon as Nathan put him down, he ran for his life!

Can you see that tiny speck next to the pink chair? It's Weston! That's as close as he got to the ocean the rest of the weekend. We didn't have worry about his safety this year!
He LOVED the swimming pool!

We found a naked baby doll in one of the drawers in our room. Weston insisted on carrying it around all weekend. It sparked some nice conversation around the hotel-especially the elevators. I hope he is as happy with baby brother!

We had breakfast at McDonald's one morning.

We tried arm floats this year and he did really well. He could get around the pool by himself.

This is Weston trying to get back in the room. He said, "Oh! I almost forgot my shirt!!!" He wasn't happy about walking to the beach without his shirt.

He did NOT want to go back to the ocean the second day. "Let's just play at this beach," he said. He would have been happy if we just let him spray his feet.

We made it to the beach, but he pouted...

until daddy built him a sand castle.

Weston packed all of his toys in a bag on Sunday and said, "I'm ready to go home now!"