Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Every Pirate needs a telescope...

and he will do whatever it takes to get one!!! Wyatt has noticed that many things around the house look like a pirate telescope, so he has to get his hands on them...even if it means getting into trouble!  Sneaky pirate!!!!
Look at this mess!!!
A paper towel telescope!
 "You CAN'T be mad!!!" (Yes, he said that to me after I saw an entire roll of paper towels on the floor)
Hey, this looks like a telescope too!
I'll just tear off all of the paper...but how do I get the roll off?!!!! I'll just ask Daddy to "cross over the river" (a pool of water that I made ALL over the bathroom floor) to help me get it!!!
Hey, this lint roller would make a nice telescope too!!!!
If only it weren't so sticky!!

Mommy, will you please get this telescope for me?!!!!


We have been really busy getting our garden ready lately! Spring came really early this year, so we had to get garden ready early.  As soon as we see the daffodils and plum trees bloom, we know it is time to fill the raised beds and start planting!  It is a lot of work, but worth it in the end!
plum trees in bloom
tilling the garden
Weston filling the raised beds with new soil. Every year, we take Nathan's truck to Bricko Farms and fill it with soil. We bring it home, and fill our beds with fresh soil.  Our boys are always willing to help if it involves dirt or mud!
Our helpful boy!
Wyatt was trying to help!
Weston sweeping out the truck.

Time to plant seeds!

Our blueberries are growing!

Our chickens are busy making eggs!

We have a lot of tiny plums.
A few weeks after planting our seeds, we planted more vegetables plants.
Our finished garden!
Now we just have to be patient and watch it grow!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eating Scorpions!

 Nathan has been traveling to Texas lately to help with a project for his company.  The first time he traveled, he brought Weston back a scorpion lollipop.  Yes, it was a real scorpion in an apple flavored lollipop!Gross! Well, Weston had NO problems eating it.  I thought for sure he would be a bit grossed out by it, but he ate it without giving it much thought. In fact, he bit into it and swallowed a piece without even commenting about it.  I noticed that the top half of the lollipop was missing and asked, "Did you really eat part of the scorpion?!!!!!" He told me "yes," but I wasn't convinced that he actually ate it.  I thought he picked the scorpion out of the lollipop and threw it away. So, I dared him to take another bite in front of me....and he did!

Here he is:


So, what did he think of it?  He said, "It was just a little crunchy."

Scarlet Fever

 Weston came down with Scarlet Fever at the end of February.  Nathan and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him for a couple of days, but we were concerned that he had the flu.  The only thing that Weston complained about was body aches and fever.  He stayed covered in blankets and slept most of the day, so we didn't even notice the rash all over his body. We noticed that he was pink, but thought it was because of his fever.  When he wasn't getting any better, we took him to the doctor.  She immediately knew he had scarlet fever as soon as she walked in the room.  Luckily, it wasn't the flu and we were able to treat it with antibiotics!!
pink cheeks
swollen face