Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everything turns into a weapon...

including squash!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons

When I woke this morning, I immediately started to have flashbacks of Weston's first day of swimming lessons last year. The first day was horrible. What was he going to do this year? Last year, he threw a fit and came up with a thousand reasons as to why he shouldn't get into the pool. By the third day, he LOVED his swimming lessons.
I asked him if he wanted to take swimming lessons this summer and he said yes....and he was excited about it!! Weston is not always predictable, so I still felt uneasy. When I heard him say he wanted to wear his shoes in the pool, after I asked him to get dressed, I knew he was probably going to be stubborn today!!!! Allowing the other kids see his FEET was going to be the issue this year!!!!

When we arrived at the pool he seemed a little nervous, but excited. They started dividing the kids into classes, and Weston went willingly to his instructor. Then she told him to take off his flip flops...and he refused. Yep, his feet were the problem. He whispered to me, "Tell her I want to wear my shoes in the pool." I told him that it WAS NOT an option. Still, he refused. Oh we go AGAIN. It is always a joy to watch your child throw a fit the first day of swimming lessons. I decided to leave the pool area because I thought he would listen to her if I weren't around. He ran after me and wrapped his arms around my leg!!! I assured him that he was going to be fine and told the instructor that he would be fine in a few minutes. She told me to leave and she would handle him with the help of another instructor. So, I left....and the other instructor carried him to the edge of the pool and held him there. He sat there and followed instructions, but I could tell he was would run if the instructor let go of him. She had her arm wrapped around his back and she was trying to convince him that he was going to be fine. After a few minutes, she was able to leave his side!!! Great! He wasn't going to run away!!! After he had calmed down, Wyatt and I went back into the pool area. The rest of the time, I saw him laughing and having a good time. He even swam my himself with a float around his waist. He was very proud of himself when he was finished, and asked if he was going back tomorrow.!! So, it looks like he is going to have another successful summer in swimming lessons.

When we got into the car, I asked him if he was scared of getting in the water. Do you what he said? "No, I just didn't want anyone to see my STINKY FEET!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun with Emma and Kaitlyn

On Wednesday, we met Emma and Kaitlyn at the Columbia County Library. We haven't seen them in awhile, but we had a great time as usual!

Emma and Weston chasing each other around the amphitheater.

We had a hard time keeping up with the kids for a moment! They were running in every direction! A few days later, Weston told me that they running from us because they were pretending we were aliens.

There were plenty of turtles in and around the pond. Weston and Emma having a puppet show.

We had a great day together! Hopefully we will see them soon!

3K Celebration at McDonald's

On Thursday, we went to McDonald's for a 3k celebration. Weston was so excited to go, but when he got there he told me that he was nervous. He said wanted to eat first (which is unusual for him because he typically chooses play over food), so we ordered our food and ate. By the time he worked up the nerve to play, a lot of his classmates were leaving. Once he started playing, he didn't want to leave. We were the last ones to tell Mrs. Rich goodbye.

eating breakfast

Wyatt joined the fun before Weston did.

What a great year!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Day of Class!

May 17th was Weston's last official day of school at First Baptist Church. Next year, he will start Pre-K at Goshen Elementary. I originally registered him at FBC for 3 days a week because we were not sure if he would be picked for Pre-K at Goshen. They were considering cutting the Pre-K programs in our county, so I had accepted that he would probably go to FBC again next year. Registration for public school Pre-K was being postponed because they couldn't make a decision about the program. So, I had no choice but to register him at FBC. I wanted to make sure he had a spot somewhere!!! We have LOVED FBC, so we decided he would go there 3 half days a week. Then a few weeks ago, the county decided that they would keep the Pre-K program, but they would reduce the number of days to 160, instead of 180. I registered him even though I thought he would have a slim chance of being selected. It turned out that he was the 7th student to be picked!! So, he will be going to Pre-K all day next year. He is SO excited he finally gets to go every day. Not to mention, he will be at the same school as his cousin, Brandon!! I have mixed emotions about it. I am HAPPY that he has a great teacher at Goshen, and that the drive to school is so short. However, this means that he will be gone almost every day!!! Weston has been with me for so long, I don't know what I'll do without him!!! I'm sure I will adjust to him being gone quickly, but I will be sad at first!!!

So...I'm going to try my best to make the most of this summer before he heads off to school!!!

Photos of his last day of school

Our Little Farmers

The boys are always happy to help us in the backyard!

picking peas

feeding the chickens

watering the garden
looking for squash and zucchini

picking plums

Wyatt's little hand

eating a plum

Crazy Chickens!

One day, one of our chickens went missing. Nathan, the boys, and I looked everywhere for it!!! We thought that it might have gotten loose, or eaten by a chicken hawk. After an hour, we finally found it hidden inside my rosemary bush...and it was sitting on 12 eggs!!!!!

We started to allow the chicken to sit on the eggs, but the next morning we decided to collect them. I'm not sure what we would do with 12 chicks running around our yard!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Knew?

Who knew the Cupp family was keeping this hidden talent a secret?!!!!!

Last week, we had the honor of having Brandon at our house... TWICE!!! He left school early on field day and honor's day, so he came to our house. Weston was at school, but he played with Wyatt until it was time to pick Weston up from school. While we were waiting for Weston to get out of school, he asked me if I could play the song "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, on my phone. I told him I would try, not knowing why he wanted me to play it. I had NO IDEA what was about to unfold before my eyes!!!!!!!!!! I found the song on YouTube, and played it for Brandon. As soon as the song started playing, Brandon started dancing. Who knew the Cupp family had been perfecting their Michael Jackson moves in their spare time!!!!!? LOL!!!!! I know where to go if I need dancing lessons! Hahahaha!!!!!

Beat It!

This is my favorite...Thriller!!!

Smooth Criminal!

Longer Version of Beat It

Thank you, Brandon, for the entertainment!!!! Love you!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Secret Surprise

Weston is really great at keeping secrets!! I can't believe he NEVER tries to tell anyone about their surprises. At school, he planted a Mother's Day flower for me, and his teacher told him to hide it from me when he got home. He carefully hid this flower behind his back all the way to the car. When we were at home, without discussion, he went inside the house (I was in the yard watering the garden) to hide the plant in his room. After I watered the garden, I noticed that he had pulled his blinds up in his room, and tried to place it in his widow sill. (I know this because I asked him about it later, and he explain the process he went through) . There wasn't enough room on the window sill, so he looked for another sunny location.

Next, he hid it behind the alarm clock in our room, so that it had enough light. I could see it, but he thought it was well hidden. The next morning, when I was making the bed, he realized that it wasn't hidden very well, and he moved it again. I pretended like I didn't see it while I was making the bed, but he moved it anyway.

I later found it hidden behind my mirror. I thought it was hilarious!!!

On Mother's Day, he couldn't remember where he hid it!!!! LOL!!! he was looking all over his room and in the closets. Luckily, I knew where it was and told Nathan to "help" him find it. A secret is safe with this boy!!!