Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Next Stop at the Beach

Weston getting comfortable in our new room!
Our next stop at the beach was the Crowne Plaza!  Nathan, Weston, and I stayed here when I was pregnant with Wyatt, so we were familiar with this place.  We thought it was a pain to pack our stuff and move in the middle of our vacation, but it was worth it because we had an extra night at the beach.

The boys loved playing in the sand!

fighting over the shovels

Weston said several times on our vacation, "Ahhh.....this is the life!"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun At The Beach!!

We went to Hilton Head island this month and we had a great time! We never know how the boys will do when we travel, but they did great!!! So far, Wyatt has been much easier to travel with than Weston was at his age. Weston was not the easiest kid to take on vacation, so it was just easier to stay home with him.  He didn't like sitting in his car seat for long periods of time, and he was a grouch when his sleep schedule was messed up. Now, he does great, but it didn't use to be that way. So, we were hesitant to take both of the boys for more than a couple of nights because we weren't sure how Wyatt would do at the beach.  We booked two nights thinking that we would all be ready to go home after that.  Well, both boys did really well so we ended up staying an additional night.  
  This year we booked our rooms through Priceline.  We were able to get a really good rate on our room, but we were not sure what to expect.  We were worried that they were going to give us their worst room on their resort. This is the risk you take when booking through Priceline!!! Our room turned out to be really nice, so we were pleased with our discount rates!!  The resort was also very nice and had a lot of things for the kids to do!!  We did change resorts the last night because they would not give us the same discounted rate for the third night.  It was hard for us to pay full price for our room after paying the discounted rate, so we just moved another resort for a better price.

our room

We ordered room service for breakfast on the first day!  This saved us time because we didn't feel like dressing the boys to eat in a restaurant, only to have them change them into swimsuits after breakfast. Weston said, "Wasn't that so sweet of that man to bring us breakfast!!!"  I don't think he realized we had to pay for it!!

Wyatt sleeping in late!!! He moved to our bed in the middle of the night.

After breakfast, we headed for the pool and the beach!  Wyatt loved playing in the sand.

The boys playing in a hole someone dug.

Weston swimming in the indoor pool! 

At night they played movies in the indoor pool.  On Friday, they played Tangled.

I tired to take a photo of the water slide that they put on the beach for the kids, but it is difficult to see it.

A view of the outdoor pools.

A photo of the boys before we out to dinner.

After dinner, we took the boys to a playground to play.

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That evening, we went fishing.

It was cloudy, but it only sprinkled a bit.

Wyatt playing in the sand!!!

They caught several sharks that evening...yikes!!! I didn't set foot in the ocean after seeing how many sharks they caught!!! A posted a video below of the first shark they caught!!!

Weston was scared of the shark, so he stood back a few feet until Nathan threw it back in the ocean.

Weston met a couple of boys from Ohio that were fishing with their dad also.  They had the best time together!!!

looking at the gross bait that smelled horrible

The boys found a turtle's nest on the beach!!!

The second morning, we rode our bikes to McDonald's and ate breakfast.

After breakfast, we went swimming again!!!!

The boys also put tattoos on their faces!!

Wyatt and Weston loved the kiddie pool!  Wyatt called it "baby water."

After swimming, we packed up and headed to our next resort, The Crowne Plaza.