Saturday, June 28, 2008

A tie, temper tantrums, and a wedding

We borrowed a tie from my sister that matched perfectly for Weston's outfit. Thank you so much Tammy! Nathan dressed Weston and we thought he looked really handsome in Nolan's tie. Soon after, Weston was throwing a fit on the kitchen floor which was one of several tonight (I can't even remember why). Terrible Twos have definitely surfaced this week! At the wedding, Weston sat quietly until they lit the unity candle and he yelled, "hot!" Then he spotted Jesus in a stained glass window and yelled, "Mama! That? That?" I told him it was Jesus and then he yelled, "Oh, feet! One, two, feet!" Jesus wasn't wearing any shoes, and he wanted to let everyone in the church to know that Jesus had feet. Weston then pooped, so that was end of the wedding for us.

At the reception, Weston helped himself to the buffet table. While getting a plate of food, I noticed that Weston was licking and taking bites of the food and then putting it back on the buffet table! Ooops! I quickly looked for food with slobber and teeth marks and removed it.
It was such a nice wedding and reception. Congratulations Lindsey and Bert!

temper tantrum

Weston at the buffet table

another fit because he wanted to go outside

Here is our little boy helping himself to the buffet for the 100th time! He kept bringing food to Nana.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Little Man!

Last night we tried on Weston's new outfit to make sure everything fit. He looks like a little man! My sister may have a children's tie we can borrow to dress it up a bit. Tammy, let me know if it will match before I have go searching again.

checking out his shoes

shirt coming untucked already!

I wonder why we can't keep it tucked?

I can't believe he is not even 2 yet! He looks so grown up!

Peach Picker

Well, our peaches are finally ready, so we let our little farmer do all the work. I took a few videos of Weston picking peaches. Nathan and I were cracking up watching him. As you can see, some of our peaches are a little bruised after he got a hold of them. Notice how hard he throws them in the basket too! By the way, I promise that this will be the last post I make about picking fruits/vegetables (at least until next year)!

In this video, he is making sure there aren't any leaves left on the peaches.

Do you think you can toss them just a little harder?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

To the Mall with Mama

We went to the mall today to try to find Weston an outfit to wear to a wedding this weekend. I wanted to buy Weston his first tie, but I didn't have any luck. In fact, in every store that I went into, there was nothing dressy for little boys. There were racks of shorts and t-shirts, but no dress pants! I settled for an outfit at the Gap, but then had to find him a pair of shoes. All he has is flip-flops. I found a pair of shoes that will probably be too small in a couple of weeks, but that is all I could find
After shopping, Weston and I ate at Chick-fil-a and then went to the playground. We had a nice time together.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Steven, Erica, and Gage left this morning. Weston sat on the steps and cried his eyes out when they left! He has been asking us for Gage all day. We miss you!

Look at that depressed face!

Back To the Zoo!

Steven, Erica, and Gage really wanted to go to the zoo while they were here. They live in the Orlando area which means that they can go to just about any kind of amusement park you can imagine. One thing that they don't have is a big zoo, so after breakfast we headed for Riverbanks Zoo. Weston had a really nice time because he had his cousin with him.

Weston brought home a bear this time. Last trip we left the bear in the store because we thought he didn't need another stuffed animal. Weston picked out the same bear as he did last trip, so decided we had to get it this time.

Gage makes breakfast!

As a joke, Nathan wrote Gage a list of things to do Saturday morning. Here was his list:

  1. start the coffee pot
  2. give Weston his morning milk
  3. toast frozen waffles for everyone
  4. pour coffee
Gage thought Nathan was serious so he set the alarm on his watch. We did not think that he would actually get up and do these things! Around 7:30 we could hear that someone was in the kitchen. Nathan ran downstairs to see if it really was Gage. Nathan found Weston and Gage alone in the kitchen. He had taken Weston out of his crib, brought him to the kitchen, started the coffee, and gave Weston milk! Here are some photos that Nathan took. Thanks for breakfast Gage!

toasting waffles

pouring coffee