Friday, June 8, 2012

Weston's End- of- the-Year Program


Weston's class put on a great end-of-the-year performance! I told Weston that I might cry during the performance, and he told me NOT to do it.  I asked him if he would be embarrassed if I cried. He said, "Yes, but I will still love you!" I didn't cry, but a few times I came close.  They sang, "It's a Wonderful World," by Louis Armstrong, and that song always song gets me emotional.  A friend sent me a card that played the song, soon after giving birth to Weston, while my hormones were crazy.   I think I cried every time I opened that card!  So, when I found out that his class was going to sing it, I just knew I was going to cry! Well, I didn't:). It was probably because I couldn't  hear the class when they sang it.  I think they were all a bit nervous, so they were fading in and out. It actually made me giggle because they were all so quiet.

Weston had a great year in Pre-K!  At our last conference, his teacher said she wishes that he could just skip kindergarten and go straight to first grade. I agreed. I  think he could benefit from being placed in a first grade class, but we can't do anything about it. I asked his teacher if she thought it would be possible for him to go to a first grade class for reading, but she wasn't sure if they would allow that. I feel that Weston is strong in math also, but there are a few concepts that he just hasn't been exposed to yet.  A week after our conference, we received a letter stating that his teacher will be moving to kindergarten next year, and we had the option of allowing him to move with her.  I was undecided about it.  I LOVED his teachers this year, but I think change is good.  I wanted him to have the opportunity to make new friends and have new teachers. Weston loves new experiences, so I wasn't sure what to do. Weston wasn't sure what he wanted to do either!!!  Eventually, we decided to let him move up his Pre-K teachers.  We have had great communication with them throughout the year, so they feel like family. So, as far as I know, he will be with them for kindergarten next year!

Anyway, here are some photos of the program:

Weston was thrilled that his cousins came!

These are the videos of Weston's speaking parts. 

Potty Training Fun!

We have been working on potty training Wyatt for over a month now.  Although Wyatt has had held a good attitude about it for the most part, he hasn't mastered it yet.  At this age, Weston was already potty trained! Wyatt is taking his sweet time.  I think he uses the potty about 80% of the time, but then he will have an accident.  We can't fully trust him in underwear yet, so we still use underwear and pullups for different times of the day.  It is funny how different each boy has been during the potty training process.  As soon as Weston agreed to use the potty, he never had an accident.  It was almost immediate.  It looks like Wyatt is going to drag the potty training process out for several months!! Each day I wake up, I think, "Is this the day that Wyatt will use the potty EVERY TIME he goes?!! 

I was sure I used the potty!  Where did it go?


This is getting very boring!

A little bribery works sometimes!  He really wanted a pirate parrot, so we bought him one when he finally went on the potty:)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Donuts For DADS!

I thought his responses were so funny!!!
I told Nathan to take a few photos of Donuts for Dads day at school.  He said the kids showed them around the classroom, and they were allowed to play in the center of their choice.  They also ate donuts (Weston was thrilled about this) , and gave their dads a gift.

Weston chose to build something!!


Field Trip to Auntie Anne's

In April, we went on a field trip to Auntie Anne's Pretzels. When we arrived at the mall, the manager of Auntie Anne's was not there to greet the class. For some reason, she had forgotten all about the field trip!!! We were not sure what to do, so Weston's teacher asked the pizza place if they would be willing to do something for the students, and they agreed! About 10 minutes later, the district manager of Auntie Anne's showed up and told us that he could be ready in a few minutes. He also said that he would give us our money back because of the mistake! Even though the field trip started out on a bad note, everything worked out and the kids had a great time! We were supposed to attend story time at the book store, but we missed it because of the late start.  Weston's teacher had to do her own story time at book store, but the kids didn't know the difference.  After listening to a few stories, the kids played on the playground, and then ate lunch in the food court.

Weston rolling out his pretzel.

ready for the oven!

story time

time for lunch

Field Day

Here are a few photos of Weston's field day.