Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NDB 5k/10K-Nathan's big win!!!

I was very  excited about the NDB 5K/10k race because I finally had a little over 3 months of running experience! I thought this was going to be the best race yet!!! Running should be easier by now, right?!! WRONG!! My time was only a few seconds faster than my first race three months ago!! Although, I was disappointed with my time,  Nathan made up for it because he took FIRST!  In the past races, Nathan has stayed with me during the run to keep me company.   During this race, Nathan had planned to stay with me also, although I told him he didn't have to.  When we started the race, Nathan and I took off at a fast pace, which I was incapable of keeping the entire time.  I was running much faster than my body can handle, but we were doing great.  Nathan looked behind us and said, "Angie, I think we have a good chance of winning!! There aren't many people running in the 5k. They are all running in the 10K."

I QUICKLY said, " I can't run at this pace for long, so you go ahead!!! I'll run by myself!"

So, Nathan took off, and that was the last I saw of him until I crossed the finish line.

The rest of the race I struggled.  It was HOT, and most of it was going up hill. I had been up all night because Wyatt was sick, so I was running on little sleep. Yes, I had I FUN, but it was probably my most difficult race. I ended up finishing the race at 34:54, although the timers said 33:54 when I crossed the finish line. They said they had a glitch in the timers, so they added a minute to each of our times! Nothing is more disappointing than hearing someone tell you to ADD a minute to your time when you feel like you are on the verge of having a heat stroke!!! LOL!!!Nathan finished in 24:44, but he had to take the time of 25:44 because of the glitch.  Go, NATHAN!!! I'm SO proud of you!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the tot trot race!!! While we were running, Nolan, Brandon,and Weston ran in the tot trot.  Nolan came in first, and Weston took second place.  Each of  them won a gift certificate to Chili's!

Our Dad and Nolan decided not to run this time, so it was the three of us!

Nathan receiving his prize for first place!!