Monday, April 26, 2010

Wyatt's first bath in the big tub

Wyatt had his first bath in the big tub on Sunday. He was starting to climb out of his infant tub that I used in the kitchen sink, so it was time to move him!

He has been wanting to get a hold of the paper towel holder, the coffee pot, the faucet, and the dish drainer.

He had the biggest grin on his face when I first put him in the tub!
Hmmm...what does this do?
Weston was a nice big brother because he shared ALL of his bath toys with Wyatt.

Weston said to Nathan, "I guess I will have to take a bath in the sink because Wyatt is in the bathtub!"

So Nathan let him take a bath in the sink....

Building a bird feeder, Nolan's 10th birthday, and Ice Skating

Saturday was a busy day for Weston. First, Nana and Papa took him to Lowe's to build a bird feeder. After the Lowe's kids workshop, we all went to Nolan's 10th birthday party! Nolan's birthday party was at the ice skating rink this year. This was Weston's first time going ice skating, so it was a new experience for him. Here are some photos of our fun weekend:

This is the bird feeder that Weston made with Nana and Papa. Thank you for taking him so we could allow Wyatt to have a decent morning nap before the party!!! He was so proud !!

Eating pizza at Nolan's party.

Weston in his ice skates.
Nathan took Weston on the ice , but he cried and refused to try skating even with a walker. So he spent the rest of the party playing video games with Papa and Brandon. I didn't get a photo of him on the ice, because I was too busy trying to hold on to the wall to keep myself from falling.
Nathan and Nolan

Me and the birthday boy skating with our fashionable walkers!

Nana and Wyatt watching everyone skate.
Skating with my friend, Dana.

Nathan tried to do a few tricks on the ice and he landed on his chin! When Weston saw the cut on Nathan's face, he asked Nathan where was the rest of his chin!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eating our greens!

We finally have peas in our garden! This year we planted twice as many peas because Weston liked them so much last spring. I think he ate almost ALL of them last year and we never had any left over for us. So this year we made sure we would have plenty of peas for everyone. The sad thing is Weston doesn't care for peas this year!!!!!! He ate a few and then offered to share with me. I could tell he was trying to like them, but he didn't think they were tasty enough to keep eating them.

After picking peas, we found Wyatt eating grass.

He thought it was funny when I asked him what he was eating. He was giggling in this photo:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

8 months old

Wyatt turned 8 months old on Saturday! At 8 months, we are still waiting for him to start crawling!! He is taking his sweet time trying to learn to get around. I don't know if his allergies wear him down, or if he is just not the adventurous type. Anyway, this has been an advantage to us because we haven't had to worry about him going anywhere!!! He will sit in the same spot for a long time without trying to move. Lately, he has been moving from a sitting position to a crawling position and then sliding around a little. Mostly, he pushes himself backwards or in a circle. This is the first sign of crawling we have seen so far. Maybe it will take him a good month (or longer) before he starts moving all over the place! I tried loading a video of him moving around on the floor, but couldn't ever get it to load fully on blogger. Oh well!

I gave him puffs for the first time last week and he did really well. He uses his thumb and forefinger to pick them up.

A video of him eating puffs for the first time

Visiting with Honey, Papaw, and Brian

Honey, Papaw, and Brian came to visit us on Saturday. It was a quick visit, but really nice to see them! During their visit we went to lunch, played outside, and went shopping for a bit. The guys wanted to go to a hunting and wildlife store, so here are a couple of photos of them at the store. Thanks for coming to visit us!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeding the ducks at the park

We met Emma and Kaitlyn at the park today. The kids played on the playground for awhile and then we walked to the pond to feed the ducks. After we fed the ducks, the kids ate lunch and then played some more. Again, the boys had a great time playing with the Clement girls! This trip I only managed to get photos of the kids feeding the ducks. So, here are all of the photos of the kids feeding the ducks today:

It took us awhile to get the ducks to come to us because someone was weed whacking around the pond.

Wyatt was happy staring at Kaitlyn the whole time!!
The ducks couldn't resist coming to the edge once Emma and Weston started throwing bread.

The turtles even swam to them and ate some of the bread.

All out of food!