Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Weston!

Last year I took Weston to Build-A-Bear at the mall for his birthday and he really enjoyed it. So we decided to do it again this year.

1st Birthday:

2nd birthday:

Nathan met us on his lunch break.

First, he ate his favorite food for lunch-chicken nuggets.

He rode in the elevator a couple of times. He tried to push the alarm button every time!
Picking out an animal.

We settled on the monkey.He cracks me up when he uses his finger to point to something.
grabbing a heart for his monkey

the finished product

We went to the mall playground too.
Whenever we go to the mall, Weston has to say hello to the "big horse" that stands in front of P.F. Changs. He is really scared of this horse, but he insists on looking at it.
The finger again!

We ended the day with cake.
Happy Birthday Weston! We love you!

Nana's Birthday

We also celebrated Nana's 55th birthday on Saturday. Here are a few photos of all of us at dinner. Nana, Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Party!

On Sunday, we celebrated Weston's 2nd birthday. His birthday is on September 18th, but Sunday was the only day that fit everyone's schedule. It turned out to be the perfect day! Papaw and Honey were able to come for the weekend too. The only problem was the HEAT! When we found out it was going to be 95 degrees, I told Nathan we were going to need water to make it through the day. We decided to rent a water slide to help keep everyone cool. I think Weston really enjoyed his birthday party this year. He has been singing "Happy Birthday" to himself for almost a month and then asking for birthday cake when he is finished. I still can't believe he is going to be two on Thursday!

This year I made him a very long train cake.

We set up a net so we could play volleyball and badminton.

The water slide!

My best friend and her two sons came to the party.

Aunt Tammy and Uncle Ray

Weston and Nathan going down the slide together.

The adults eating hot dogs.
The kids were not interested in eating hot dogs-they only ate the cake.

Weston was so serious when he opened his presents.

Trying out one of his toys.

Badminton Tournament

By the end of the day, Weston was really bossy! He demanded to go down the slide by himself! We let him do it, but someone had to catch him at the bottom.

On Sunday, Brandon told my sister that he didn't want Weston to get older. He wants him to stay little forever. Brandon, I feel the same way sometimes!


Nana finally worked up the nerve to go down the slide about an hour before it came down.